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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Registered Nurse Tips - How To Become A Flight Nurse 

Flight nurses are registered nurse professionals that involve themselves with training that is highly specialized for trauma and casualty situations. They are trained for rescuing individuals who are badly injured and require immediate health services. They are exposed to intense pressure and the working environment is not the typical hospital setting since the nurses basically work in the air. A registered nurse will reap the rewards of an enjoyable and profitable profession.

There are instances when nursing shortages occur within an area due to the fact that there is a rising demand for nurses. This is where travel nursing plays its role, through the provision of a constant supply of nurses to do important jobs that are needed to be fulfilled in an area to meet goals within a short span of time.

If you wish to become a flight nurse, here are the steps you must take for you to become one.

o First and foremost, you must be able to obtain a license as a registered nurse. To have a license, you should pass the licensure examination provided by your state. After that, you need to have about three to five years of clinical exposure in an Intensive Care Unit or Emergency Room to prepare yourself and hone your skills in providing highly complex and critical care.

Working in these areas would serve as prerequisites for one to be able to enroll in a flight nurse program. There are also a number of programs that first require the registered nurse to be an EMT at the same time.

o One of the most important things that a flight nurse should have is good health. He or she must be physically fit since flight nursing involves a lot of physical exertion and activity. Stamina and agility are very important because there are instances wherein a nurse would have to repel down a deep ravine or climb an incline that is very steep while carrying equipment at the same time. Basically this job demands one to be physically capable and strong.

o The process of assessment is present in all areas of nursing. In flight nursing, nurses need to have keen assessment skills and should be able to determine abnormal signs and symptoms in a patient given limited time. Excellent assessment skills also go together with the ability to think critically and do problem solving, incorporating concepts with clinical learning experiences and real life situations.

Of course, professional certifications need to be updated from time to time to maintain licensure.

o Reach your local health facility or hospital as ask that you go along with the flight crew scheduled for the day's trip. Remember that any person who may be the observer will have to stay at the scene while the injured individual is being brought to a health facility to receive appropriate care. The flight nurse would be going through the same task. A licensed nurse will never regret getting into the nursing field.

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