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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Market We Love to Dislike 

Once we evaluate the general stock market there is no denying the fact that there has been a significant run up since 2009. But there's equally no denying the lack of confidence in both its legitimacy and its continuance. If you ask most consumers they will tell you this is an artificial stock market rally and is destined to fail.

I actually do agree the market is being affected by outside forces not organic growth and confidence in the economy and job market. However, I find it interesting that individuals that discredit the stock market are also very same scared to death about inflation. I've spoken about inflation over and over again in both my radio show as well as national news outlets. Inflation is said to be tamed at under 3 % but many analysts site that if we add in energy, health care, and food we are at about seven percent. If those fearful of inflation are really scared, wouldn't a great remedy be the market which has had great measurable growth over the last few years?

Why are we continuously told to run from the market? Why are we told not to even look at products which allow us to be connected to the market without the risk of correction? Is it because the people we are looking to for information are really only there to sell us fools gold? Yes, I am talking about gold peddlers. Gold can be quite a great inflation hedge, over a long period. In my mind over a twenty year period, but in the short term it can be a dangerous investment. One regulators site as a highly speculative investment.

You might be saying, Matt what about the dollar. The dollar is abused and devalued, it's not even backed by the gold standard anymore. Other countries don't wish to use us at all. Well there is some truth to this, we haven't been backed to gold for many years. We basically have changed our currency and survived for decades, the twenty dollar bill I hold in my hand is not the same twenty dollar bill from the 40's. We've adjusted our currency in one of the smoothest transitions ever recorded in history.

I realize what I am writing currently will be viewed as crazy, but I want you to understand panic never accomplished anything. Sound financial planning and investing keeps those in a crisis coming out on the other side substantially more well off than those around. The question I would ask you is are you ready for a financial crisis? Have you established a real plan for inflation. The other question I'd personally ask is what if there are additional options out there. We focus on education and exploring all the options not just those in TV and Radio commercials. Reach out to us and we can assist you get educated on all of your options.

Matt Golab
Chief Advisor of Aaron Matthews Financial Resources Contact info for Matt is offered at his website, simply click here.

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