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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Are People Profiting from Insider Trading? 

We have seen the market generate some amazing numbers this current year with not much resistance. And the growth of major indexes and hopefully peoples portfolios has been groundbreaking. But there still is a nagging question in a great number of peoples mind: is there insider trading and are people taking advantage of it. Now I'm not implying people are acting on insider information but people who are up to their ears in the know and in the market are doing something the financial media for the most part is not telling the rest of consumers. Insiders are selling and are selling at an alarming rate in the tech area.

In a recent CNBC article, tech shares are selling continually but that's not really the fascinating part. No one is buying them, this is the fascinating part.

The numbers will shock you!

In just a couple of months, 55 million shares were dropped. Appears like a lot right? It's even a bigger number once you look at the number purchased; 1,780. That isn't a joke its not wrong it's simply crazy and somewhat scary.
Why are those in the know (not insider information or trading) dropping tech shares and why don't consumers hear about it?

In this cnbc.com article, Alan Newman, editor of the Crosscurrents newsletter with almost half a century of experience goes even deeper:
"Insider activity confirms the rosy scenario indicated by prices is only an illusion," Newman writes. "Insiders have no confidence in their own companies. While prices appear to be indicating an all clear, we remain in one of the most egregiously speculative phases ever seen."

Tech insiders are running to the exits and unfortunately the few shares that are being picked up are the day to day consumers. Those in the know may be unwittingly predicting the future trend for these tech shares.

The behavior by the top ranks at a few of these big tech companies are possibly showing they believe a tock price fall in the future. Clocking in every day they probably have a good idea of what's going on and hopefully consumers and the average investor is watching.

It really is usefu to have eyes on your portfolio and the market to ensure your assets are being watched and informed.

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