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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Shaped Like a Grecian Vessel, The Wedgwood Oberon Gravy Boat Is Beautiful 

If one needed to illustrate Oberon From Wedgwood in a single word, it would probably be charming. From the lovely colors that flow with each other well, to the form of the vessels to the touch of twenty-two kt. gold that accents each piece, it is just simply charming.

The divine form of the Wedgwood gravy boat is magnificent. It seems very fluid as the handle drops gracefully into the body, which in turn flows easily into the spout. It is a genuinely graceful piece of the selection. The straightforward gold accent running alongside the edge compliments the geometric border that's is repeated in the dinner plate.

Yet another very classically formed vessel is the covered vegetable dish. With scrolled handles the piece is reminiscent of an historical Greek urn. Again the gold accents and also the neoclassic border draws this piece into the collection properly.

Wedgwood Oberon

As a matching set, the Oberon creamer and sugar bowl are nothing short of the sweetest, most charming pieces in the entire collection. Their bodies are round and plumb with cute little handles making these two pots very cheerful.

Perhaps the most magnificent piece inside the whole Wedgwood Oberon china selection would be the coffee pot. The form of the body is sophisticated and flows beautifully from lid to foot. The flora and fauna motif that defines the Oberon pattern adorns the body while a delicate slender line of twenty-two kt gold encircles the foot, accents the handle and tops off the tip of the lid.

While the dinner plates and also the serving platters are somewhat less magnificent compared to accents pieces, they are not without merit. Each is rimmed with the neoclassic border that runs throughout the entire selection. These plates and platters are simple which will not over power the beauty of one's meal. The food you prepare will bespectacular set against the translucent white of the bone china.

One other interesting accent piece inside the selection is the 9 inch salad accent plate. Wedgwood has selected to make this plate a lovely complimentary green colour. Unlike the earthy green that's in the flora and fauna motif, this is more of a whimsical fairy-like green. Even though this colour is repeated only in a couple of places throughout the set, it does match properly within the 5 piece dinner set.

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