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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Safe Account Options: Legitimate or Bogus? 

Interest rates these days are LOW!

Safe money options include (as of June 7, 2012):

*10-year treasury bonds : making 1.67% (finance.yahoo)
*30-year treasury bonds : earning 2.76% (finance.yahoo)
*5-year CDs : getting 1.41% (bankrate)
*insured municipal bonds : making 1.95% (10-Year, fmsbonds)
*and insured municipal bonds : earning 3.50% (30-Year, fmsbonds)

Should you be Safe and Secure?

If you are age 60 or older, you most likely prefer to avoid risk at all costs since you no longer have time to make up portfolio losses like you once did. With the safe money options listed above, there’s obviously no place to keep your money where it’s safe but where it will ALSO get a decent return (decent being more than 4% every year!)

What’s a person to do?

Well, the good news is that a NEW option has just become available! Imagine that you can get the following in a 10-year account:

*Insured and guaranteed principal
*Realistic expectation of earning 4-7% each year
*Reasonable inflation hedge
*Upfront bonus of 5-8%, depending on the state in which you live
*Ability to withdraw 10% each year, after the first year
*Full principal and earnings liquidity upon death or disability

Would that be something you would be interested in? If so, give us a call at (916) 538-0381 to request your copy of my FREE REPORT on this very topic!

Matt Golab

Matt is an Investment Advisor Representative and the Chief Advisor of Aaron Matthews Financial Resources headquartered in Elk Grove, California.
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