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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Class Mercedes - Style And Security 

If you are searching for a lavish and elegant ride that has lots of remarkable features then you should get an A Class Mercedes. This car is primarily targeted towards people who are young and prefer elegant over a roomy car. Mercedes A-Class is a competitor of the well-known hatchbacks in the market for example VW Golf and BMW 1 series. With the car's exceptional features and details, you can expect good quality with this luxury vehicle.

An Overview

The new A-Class has six engine options, which will match your preference and standards. The best of all these is the A180 entry-level because it ensures a smooth ride at low revs. Diesel purchasers, alternatively, will enjoy the A180 CDI that features a manual gearbox. This engine has a decent and constant pulling power, which will let you experience comfort at the maximum speed while you cruise on the road. The A220 CDI is another great option but this one is only available with a 7-speed dual clutch and semi-automatic gearbox. Moreover, you may notice that it is a little jerky, as compared to other well-known brands of luxury cars.

The Elegant Interiors

The interior of the A-Class Mercedes undoubtedly sets it apart from the remaining cars out there. The interior might fall short when we compare it with the newest Audi A3, but the you will undoubtedly find the interior to be really classy and luxurious. The dashboard has a modern and smart design, and it has heater vents that are much like those found in the SLS super car.

Another feature that you will like about the car is the outstanding interior space. In fact, it can accommodate up to four 6-footers, and a fifth person can squeeze in for a short journey. As for the trunk of the car, you may think that it is quite shallow because of its narrow opening. It may also be rather difficult to load larger bags or things. Nevertheless, this is not an issue due to the spacious interiors, and you can fit in your luggage easily.

Other Features Of The Mercedes A Class

Due to the advancements made on the 4-wheel independent suspension, the A Class will definitely give you a great driving experience. Moreover, the vehicle exudes a sporty theme in the interiors, as well as the metallic accents and contrasting color combination for a stylish look. Besides the remarkable appearance of the car, you can ensure security on the road with some added features in the A Class. These features include the Attention Assist, Pre-safe system, and Collision Prevention Assist that prepare the car for impending crash. You may also opt for additional security features like the adaptive high-beam assist and the Distronic Plus.

The Conclusion

The Mercedes A Class offers more than just superior style and looks. When you will drive this car, you will realize that it has all the security features that you have ever wanted in a car to ensure a smooth and safe drive.

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