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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stone Flooring Ideas For Chicago Area Homeowners 

Home improvement projects utilizing your stone flooring ideas are likely to enhance living spaces, and in most cases, even increase home values. Add natural stones to your interior or exterior. Stone Flooring In Chicago offers homeowners with different options besides tiles, hardwoods, vinyl flooring or carpeting.

Use Stones to Decorate Indoors and Outside

Stones always have a unique appearance that offers homeowners a flooring, or decorating product, with specific aesthetic qualities that are ideal for almost any personal taste, style or preference. With stone flooring, decorative concretes, and many kinds of tiles, Great Western Flooring offers customers a wide range of options.

Indoor decorating ideas using stone flooring include:

• Kitchen flooring, for countertops or even sink backsplashes
• Entryways into your home
• Bathroom flooring, showers, and even for use on walls

Many homeowners have hardscapes on their properties, which are great opportunities for home improvement projects using stone flooring or decorative stone installations.

Stone Flooring Ideas

Outdoor hardscaping frequently includes:

• Outdoor paths, sidewalks or paths leading to doors or a garden
• Outdoor kitchen areas including BBQ pits
• Pool areas (glazed tiles or glass tiles are commonly used in pools)
• Patios, paver patios or stone decks
• Retaining walls for landscaping
• Driveways
• Hardscaped areas in landscapes

Other Stone Flooring Ideas Chicago include usage on porches (even heated outdoor flooring), or stone can be simply decorative components of landscaping, such as water features, fountains and ponds.

Kinds of Stone Products Available for Your Design Ideas

Some of the products available for stone flooring include:

• Natural stones in a wide assortment—frequently, stones are more porous than tiles, so be sure to seal your stonework
• Granite countertops for kitchen sink areas or bars
• Granite flooring offers homeowners a range of applications, although avoid high-spill areas like kitchens
• Limestone with light colors are useful for applications throughout the home; limestone does stain though
• Marble flooring provides rich grains and a classical aesthetic for homes; or use as a decorative accent
• Slate floors are one of the most varied stones (color options); slate is usually sealed to ensure the color; unevenness and chipping are common
• Travertine, a mineral-rich limestone, provides homeowners options for colors and textures; Travertine is susceptible to acid etching and staining, and is generally not the best option for kitchens, but may be ideal for living rooms, hallways and entryways
• Commercial stone flooring in Chicago is available in a range of options
• Decorative concrete flooring—concrete using decorative coatings; common styles are colored quartz, solid colors, and vinyl flake
• Learn about products for stone flooring in Chicago

Great Western Flooring can help you turn your stone flooring ideas into reality. With Design Centers in Naperville, Oswego, and St. Charles, IL, serving the Chicago metropolitan area and nearby towns and suburbs, we assist homeowners with stone flooring projects small or large.

Request an estimate on stone flooring or contact Great Western Flooring for installation help, and turn your stone flooring ideas into reality.

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