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Friday, December 28, 2012

Sliding Transfer Benches For Convenient, Safe Home Bathroom Care 

For anyone with disabilities, for seniors or for individuals with mobility problems, transfer bench product are convenient, safe, easy-to-use, essential products for bathing and showering at home. A sliding transfer bench provides seniors and the disabled with a safe and comfortable way to get into and out of bathtubs or showers for daily hygiene tasks.

Portable Transfer Benches For Bathing And Sturdy Frame Shower Benches

Transfer benchs are either, foldable and portable, or come with a stand-alone, sturdy frame construction usually made of rust proof, aluminum or composite materials. These styles of benches generally sit partially in the bathtub with one or more set of legs that sit outside of the bathtub. Other models are bathtub-mountable—they mount onto the side of the bathtub, and generally do not have legs. Models with legs also work very well in open showers.

Review Medical Equipment Distributor Websites For Product Information

You can review information and product details about specific styles of transfer bench product on medical equipment distributor or supplier websites. By reviewing product listings about different brands and models, you can locate a bench that will work best for your bathing and showering requirements, or find a transfer bench that will be easy to use in spite your particular medical condition or mobility problems.

Sliding transfer benches available from distributors of home medical equipment and supplies allow users to sit down outside of the bathtub (usually in swivel seat) and then slide into the bathtub for showering or bathing.

Transfer Benches Available At The Fair Care Shop

The Fair Care Shop supplies affordable transfer benches, basic transfer benches, and tub-mounted transfer benches. Our benches support various weight capacities. We also sell bariatric weight capacity benches for obese individuals.

Some of our specific transfer bench models include:

• Snap-N-Save Sliding Transfer Bench Swivel Seat/Back (Regular Size)—sliding, molded, swiveling plastic seat unit with a back made of a high-strength aluminum frame (rust proof); 90˚swivel seat locks for easy access/exit; adjustable height clearance bench designed for a 400 lbs. weight capacity; and this transfer bench has strong, suction-tipped legs to prevent slippage
• Snap-N-Save Sliding Transfer Bench with Back (Silver, Regular Size)—solid plastic seat with back that is mounted on a slide platform; polished, high-strength, aluminum frame construction (rust proof); adjustable height for bathtub wall clearance; designed for a 400 lbs. weight capacity; and comes with suction tipped legs
• Snap-N-Save Sliding Tub Mount Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat—blow-molded, plastic swivel seat with back on a slide platform; manufactured using high-strength aluminum (rust proof); full 360˚ swivel seat locks at 90˚ increments; the entry bench mounts to most bathtub walls; 350 lbs. weight capacity; strong suction tipped legs; and smaller design is ideal for small tubs or bathrooms
• Transfer Bench Tub-Mount Swivel Molded Seat/Back (X-Short)—tub-mount platform; swivel seat with a back; high-strength, polished aluminum frame construction (rust proof); seat platform swivels a full 360˚ locking at 90˚ intervals; this extra-short model is convenient for small bathrooms or tubs
• Transfer Bench Universal Sliding and Folding—universal transfer bench; slides right and left; model folds flat for easy storage; additional accessories include a safety seat belt, a removable soap dish and a safety net for personal bathing items

All FairCareShop dot com transfer benches are easy to clean and sanitize. These benches are ideal for home use or for healthcare facilities and nursing homes. Contact FairCareShop dot com with questions about sliding transfer bench models.

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