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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let Your Kids Have Fun With Educational Games 

Do you rather see your kid having fun with his toys and video games instead of seriously pondering his life and future? Well, kids are always kids, and so they shouldn't be forced into doing what they are not supposed to do in their age. Kids perceive best if they enjoy what they are doing, a recent research showed.

Parents in many cases are angry at the fact that their children prefer playing video games than homework, they would force their kids to study. In all honesty, I've been able to get my kid to have fun with studying, thanks to ways that educational games work. Make learning engaging and fun is the better way to teach your kid a certain subject.

Have you ever come across Mike Byster's Brainetics? That's one fine demonstration of an excellent educational game-like product, which teaches kid how to do complex computation in their head. It in turn improves your kids' performance at school. With that said, Brainetics also helps with the overall performance in anything your kid does. Several of the benefits include:

- Making learning more challenging and engaging

- Improved level of self-esteem in your kid

- It's designed for kids to have fun while learning

- Parent's involvement is necessary, which is something that many parents lack

And unlike what you think, it's not that hard to find a good educational product as Internet is your friend. It is simple to look for product and all sorts of related information like description, usage, suitability. For instance, Amazon may be the biggest marketplace online where millions of products are listed. Buying a product you like is just a matter a click and you will get the product delivered straight to your house. Some products are even available in video or document which you can download to your computer and use it immediately.

An additional advantage when buying through Amazon is that you could read real users' review. Parents, teachers or anybody who bought the product can advise you their experience after using the it. That helps you make a well informed decision.

However, you must note that a particular educational games/product is probably not well suited for for certain age. For instance, the product we mentioned earlier, Brainetics, is only suitable for children who already master some basic math like addition, subtract and multiplication. So it's best if you do some basic research on the right usage of the product first before buying and applying it to your kid.

Here is a helpful tip, never inform your kid this is a learning product, because he will run away as fast as he could. When I bought Brainetics, I just told my son that it was a secret. The result was he glued himself to the TV watching the DVD from start to finish.

It is advisable to consider this type of educational method to pluck your kid away from video games and violent movies. Furthermore, these materials really works even if your kid already have a good learning habit. Simply because it's fun.

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