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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Learn Amazing Card Miracles , Ultimate Card Tricks Collection 

"How To Do Magic Card Tricks" - is the Ultimate Card Magic eBook created to reveal and teach the magic beginner as well as the much more experienced magician the most important basic skills of card magic.

This Card Tricks Instruction Manual consists of over 25 traditional card methods and routines as well as a unique magical system that will definitely allow the reader to carry out Scores of Excellent Card Miracles to Baffle and Amaze family and friends as well as delight any audience.

You'll find out some really valuable skills and techniques like, the Buckle Count, the Top Change, The Glide, the Classic Force and more.

This superb collection of amazing card methods consists of, - The Amazing Rising Cards, Card Through Handkerchief, Amazing Card in Wallet, The Four Ace Trick, The Saucy "Thinking Blue", Birds of a Feather, the Balancing and Levitating Cards, and lots more.

All the card tricks are effortless to do and are completely explained in easy-to-follow tutorials, so that anybody can find out these fantastic techniques and be the life and soul of their next party or get-together.

You can easily take this magic card tricks illustrated tutorial anywhere you go, in the knowledge the secrets are held safely on your magic Kindle ... Lovers of Card Magic Must have - "How To Do Magic Card Tricks"!

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