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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Laminate Flooring Baseboard Cleaning Suggestions From Great Western Flooring In Chicago 

Laminate flooring baseboard or quarter rounds need occasional cleaning and wiping down, just like your laminate floorboards. Generally, you can use the same cleaning techniques that you use to clean and tidy up your laminate flooring. If your baseboards or quarter rounds are actually unpainted wood, then you can dust, wipe off the baseboards with a damp cloth (water), and apply wood oil as with hardwood flooring. If your baseboards are laminates, then different cleaning solutions are the best methods. Generally, clean laminate baseboards in the same way that you will clean your laminate floorboards.

If a contractor installs your laminate flooring, baseboard products, instead installation being a DIY project, then discuss manufacturer specified cleaning solutions and general cleaning techniques with your contractor.

How To Clean Laminate Floors

A Few Suggestions for Cleaning Laminate Flooring Baseboards

Great Western Flooring has general recommendations for homeowners on how to clean baseboards (quarter rounds) and laminate floors. A few of our suggestions on how to clean laminate flooring baseboard or laminate flooring baseboard products include:

• Dust laminate baseboards and laminate flooring thoroughly, preferably with microfiber cloths or a chamois
• Wipe your laminate flooring baseboard completely and then wipe the quarter rounds down with a damp wash cloth (water only)
• Use wood oil only if your baseboards are actual wood, otherwise once the oil dries there will be a noticeable film
• Use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution(s), if the quarter rounds are a laminate flooring baseboard product
• Do not apply liquids or cleaning solutions directly on the laminate flooring baseboard, instead apply water or a cleaning solution to a cloth, then use the damp cloth to thoroughly clean the baseboards
• Do not apply caustic cleaning agents as they may leave a film or damage the baseboard’s coating
• Do not use detergents as the solutions will leave a film once dry
• Do not use bleach or bleach-based cleaning products
• Do not use soap and water, once dry you will likely have a film
• Citrus and/or oxygenated cleaners are usually safe products to use on a laminate flooring baseboard
• Homemade cleaners such as diluted white vinegar and water are effective, simple and affordable cleaning agents to use on laminates

Laminate Flooring and Baseboard Products for Chicago Homeowners

Laminate flooring installation contactors from Great Western Flooring (Naperville, Oswego and St. Charles stores serving the Chicago metropolitan area) provide cleaning recommendations, or indicate specific manufacturer cleaning techniques.

At Great Western Flooring, we inform our customers about cleaning techniques for new flooring including hardwood flooring, carpet and tile products as well as wood laminates.

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