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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Go Whale Viewing in Margaret River 

The chance to go Margaret River whale watching is an exciting one and one that should not be missed. In this place you can get the real chance to discover such spectacular beauties as the famous Humpback, the nice Blue and the mysterious Southern Right whales. Each year these whales swim past Western Australia in there roaming groups as they go north for their yearly migration. This gives the best chance for inquisitive visitors to watch them up close and personal.

The Migration

The Southern Right and Humpback whales can be found in the seas of the Antarctic throughout the summer months. This is where they go to eat but as the winter draws in they will journey north to begin the process of reproduction. It is this migration period that provides the finest option for whale watching in Margaret River. This migration usually happens between June and October. The Blue whales on the other hand are a little less predictable but they also move north at some time throughout the year to rear their offspring.

Options for Whale Watching

There are two common ways to take part in the exercise of whale watching in Margaret River. The first is to take advantage of the chartered boat tours available and this affords you the right possibility to close to these mammals. As well as getting the best seat in the house by means of an excursion, you will also experience some benefits from the tour operators proficient knowledge of the location. This indicates that they will recognize which location offers the best opportunity of finding some whales based on the time of year. The second choice accessible for those who choose not to take a tour is to view the whales from land. Flinders Bay in June presents a good possibility to check out the whales as they go by.

Sites to Have a Good View of the Whales
In July the preferred place to look at the whales will be the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. They normally hang around this vicinity throughout the month of July and into August. As September gets near you should go to Georaphe Bay, which just north of Margaret River. Here you are very likely to see the Blue whales and there newborn calves frolicking in the waters. Georaphe Bay provides an entertaining day drip from Margaret River particularly during this time of year when the Whales show up.

The Chartered Tour

There are several reputable chartered tour operators available for you to get the best from your adventure of Margaret River whale watching. Naturaliste Charters provide you with tours from Busselton, Augusta or Dusborough depending on when you visit. There is also Legend Charters who operate in Flinders Bay, Geographe Bay as well as Augusta. A voyage on a boat to get a better a look at the whales is definitely well worth it and it will provide a terrific adventure for the whole family.

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