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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Greatest Superstars Of The Olympics? The Guys Behind The Curtain. 

In our Olympic Summer who were the greatest heroes? Jessica Ennis, Ben Ainslie, Sarah Storey, Ellie Simmonds?Amidst individual feats of speed, power, courage and stamina, it seems almost absurd to try and choose.

So maybe the ultimate laurel wreath goes to Sebastian Coe and his Organising Committee for their astonishing feat of coordination. Could we even envision what it feels like to sit down and plan from nothing such a huge undertaking? The incredible amount of economic planning and budgetary considerations involved; designing and constructing the venues; the tendering process; coping with contractors; the logistics of staff, athletes, visitors and media; guaranteeing a national and community legacy ... and so it goes on. We can say with a fair level of confidence that, given each Olympics is bigger and better than the last, this was the biggest event ever staged anywhere.

If the thought of this kind of multi-strand, multi-perspective meticulous project-working is your idea of a nightmare then a career in Events Management is most likely not for you. If you believe however that you have both the attention to detail and the ability to see the whole challenge that is needed for complicated organizational challenges, then getting into this ever-expanding business sector may be a means by which your skills and your courage could be recognised. People are often said to possess a 'talent for organising' and it's true that some seem particularly well-suited to the role. But even if you have never particularly seen yourself in this light, the opportunities that are being created, as leisure and hospitality sector expands and events and venues become ever-larger, are well worth considering. In the real professional world, achievement will probably depend less on 'talent' than on truly knowing how the industry works, and how all the pieces slot together to form a complete working picture.

The increased need in the sector for Events Managers with dedicated training has now been recognised by Edexcel, global leaders in business training, with a range of dedicated events management courses online which provide candidates with the functional and analytical skills necessary to flourish in the events management arena. Studied by means of an online learning environment (OLE) that enables tutors to give ongoing guidance and support, the courses appraise students of the strategic planning and operational factors influencing events management. Different course levels, made to reflect different degrees of motivation and previous experience, contain modules which enable students to look at financial planning, tendering and implementation, project management, HR concepts and practice, the service industry in its entirety, as well as a specialist module on venue management.

The chance to plan an Olympics will never come again (thank heavens) but the opportunity to gain the practical tools and understanding for a rewarding career is waiting for you. For more information on Edexcel Events Management courses, check out the BrightonSBM website.

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