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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pub Venues - A Good Place To Unwind 

Pub venues around Australia are somewhere to unwind, have a cold beer, eat some healthful food, and meet with friends. The music and games in the pubs make sure they are an excellent place for hanging out with friends. You'll find nothing better than sitting with a cool drink after a long day, soaking up the ambiance and having a chat with friends new and old.

Pubs originated from the British and Irish custom and developed through the years to match Australian culture and local conditions. Many traditional style pubs are architectural monuments to past times. Creatively created wrought iron balustrades and verandas with low room fences offer these places a beautiful touch. These verandas protect from the heat and are an incredible place to sit lazily with a cold refreshing beverage. The interiors of these old genuine pubs are full of souvenirs and a common feature behind the bar, are mirrors which have been painted on with advertising slogans. Pub mirrors are collector's items so to see them inside these old pub venues is something not to be missed.

If you wish to see more traditional pub venues and wish to step back in time then you should go to the countryside. Most of the pubs here are hosts for travelers. These places work like a centre in the town where people can stay up-to-date with the latest incidents in the town. Locals are always willing to tell a story or two about life in the remote regions of Australia, and you will feel welcomed. The food is simple and outstanding. The most typical food is a big steak which is followed by a cold glass of beer. Sit a while, savor the ambiance, and take in these living museums of Australia's heritage.

A very popular way of eating at pub is the "counter meal" or "counter tea". Although the word counter tea originates from the British heritage, the food is totally Australian. After work, if you are not in the mood to cook, the Aussie pub has the answer giving a variety of plain and simple food to fulfill the appetite after a day's work. Many common foods that you can get at just about all traditional places are roasts, steaks and bangers and mash. However some of the modern establishments have increased the variety of food they provide and you can find everything from Asian food to all day breakfast.

The counter tea originated from the Australian gold rush when bread and cheese was provided cost-free to gold miners after work. This proved to be quite effective and attracted clients. The food offered is affordable and it is the ideal food if you wish to spend a little while in authentic ambiance interacting with the local people of the place you are visiting.

If a cold beer is not for you, a selection of the wonderful Australian wines will be present in most pub venues along with juices, minerals, and spirits. If you are around Australia, then you should surely not miss the chance of visiting a pub or two.

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