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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Musicians Institute Reviews 

Schools in Review is an unique contrast site that breaks down the facts and reviews for the leading media schools in the nation. Amongst the highest ranked schools are the Recording Connection Audio Institute, UCLA, University of Texas, and USC. The reviews of Musicians Institute is just one of the few in the bottom.

The Musician's Institute invoices itself as the college of modern music and offer students a selection of associate's, bachelor's, and certification degrees. Programs in performance, film, music business and audio engineering are merely a few of it. The cost of the programs vary considerably as a certificate program starts at $ 14,000 while a bachelor's degree can go as high as $ 90,000.

Lots of Musicians Institute reviews typically mention the shortage of bang for your buck and the high fees turns a lot of individuals off. On the other hand, the Recording Connection Audio Institute is a large favorite on the site thanks to their extremely affordable and customizable mentor-apprentice program.

Musicians Institute reviews

The Recording Connection turns the media education and learning world on its head by placing students in the studio instead of the classroom. Every student is designated their own coach and goes right to work as an apprentice at that coach's studio. You aid your coach on real world projects as you even undergo the school's program load. During the period of the six-month program, you get a plethora of real world work experience and are able to network with numerous music producers and audio engineers around the studio to develop those crucial market contacts.

The program costs merely $ 7,750 to $ 10,750 to complete but can be done anywhere you stay in the United States, Canada, England, or Australia. No other school provides you a leading notch education and learning wherever you live but the Recording Connection can discover you a recording studio and a mentor anywhere you live. While you have training sessions in your schedule, you can proceed living your life and save even more money since you don't need to pay for room, board and moving.

Not only does the Recording Connection hold leading billing on Schools in Review, it has been recommended by popular producers and engineers who work with leading stars like Paul McCartney, Eminem, Usher, Pearl Jam, Alicia Keys, Outkast, Bob Dylan, MIA, The White Stripes, The Black Crowes, 50 Cent and numerous others.

The likes of traditional program like UCLA or University of Texas or also Recording Connection is unparalleled to that of the reviews of Musicians Institute and making an investment in this school is not a really good decision considering the tuition cost.

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