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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Jimi Petulla 

The CEO and Co-Founder of the nonprofit organization The Connectors and the Film Connection is Jimi Petulla. Because of his own experience with mentors, he has devoted his life assisting and mentoring young filmmakers and anyone else who wishes to plunge into the entertainment area. Recognizing that most media schools fail to produce graduates who go on to their wanted job, Petulla is now concentrated on developing an absolutely as soon as in a life time instructional option for each student who wishes to plunge into the business.

Jimi Petulla himself came up as a radio disc jockey where he learned the business, the importance of turning up under an expert coach, and the importance of having professional associations to find work in the business. He then moved to film and produced The Reversal, a touching tale of the mentorship a dad provides a son. Also then, Petulla was concentrated on mentorship and his extremely acclaimed film chose up finest film awards at the Tribeca Film Festival and Malibu Film Festival. He also produced a series of movies about Elvis and the Memphis Mafia which were also well received.

He utilized his skills in education and worked as an instructor at the now defunct Columbia School of Broadcasting. He saw firsthand the fallbacks of these conventional media schools. Rather than focus on assisting students develop hands-on skills and assisting them plunge into a job, they were simply concentrated on money and provided no job assistance or associations within the area.

Jimi Petulla

He quickly founded the Film Connection as well as the Broadcasting Connection and Recording Connection. The focus of these schools is totally what other schools' focus isn't really. The Connection is all about, you suspected it, associations. The school links you with an expert coach in your wanted field. Rather than hear long lectures, you go to work right with your coach as an apprentice, picking up comprehensive hands-on experience and the understanding of the area while you learn. You also get many possibilities to network with other specialists around your coach's business or studio. No conventional schools provide these networking possibilities, if you ask almost any professional they will inform you that you cannot make it in media without associations.

The Connectors is a non-profit organization founded by Jimi Petulla and co-founder Brian Kraft that is intended towards getting underprivileged students get right on the course of their dream jobs.

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