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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Isochiral Review 

In 2004, research was conducted in which the electrical activity that is generated by the brains of eight Buddhist practitioners of meditation were monitored using electrodes. The researchers compared the brain activity on the monks to a number of newbie mediators, who had meditated an hour per day for 1 week prior to empirical observation. Both groups showed similar brain activity in a normal meditative state. However, once the monks were told to create an objective feeling of compassion throughout meditation, their brain activity started to fire in a rhythmic, coherent manner, suggesting neuronal structures were firing in harmony, which was observed in a frequency of 25-40 Hz. It is the rhythm of gamma waves.

Isochiral Music provides isochronic brainwave entrainment tones that will help you obtain the condition or level that you'd like to achieve. By hearing isochronic tones, it is easy to improve your brainwaves or stimulate your mind to specific frequency ranges. In comparison to other brainwave entrainment technologies, isochronic tones are usually stated being better plus the imprint they leave to the brain is incredibly apparent and powerful.

With Isochiral Music, you will get the benefits of isochronic brainwave entrainment. This resource comes with an array of exactly adjusted music synthesis software products. It gives you several wavelengths that may help you achieve enhanced awareness within minutes. You simply won't need earphones to hear these types of downloads and gain the fantastic effects they produce. Also, you may try to research about some Isochiral topics for some information and better knowledge.

Whether you want to open the door to Astral Projection, Past Life Regression, or Remote Viewing, you can do so through Isochoric Brain Wave. With this particular resource, you may also learn and have Reiki Healing, Lucid Dreaming, Tai Chi, Deep Meditation, Alpha Meditation, Theta Meditation, Hypnosis, Telepathy, Aura Healing Clairvoyance, Shamanism, Cosmic Ordering, , Tantra, and Incantations. In addition, this resource also includes downloads to improve memory, increase IQ, cure attention deficit disorder, boost energy, control stress, increase creativity, teach speed learning, and many more.

For a minimal price, you can purchase one Isochiral Music download. You also have the option to buy an Isochiral Download Pack, this includes several downloads depending on your needs and goals.

Enhanced Consciousness in Minutes - No Headphones Required

- Accurately calibrated music synthesis software has been utilized to generate the precise isochronic beat frequencies required to induce astral projection as well as astral trave
-It uses frequencies which can help to unblock energy pathways within the body (just like radionics and rife frequencies)
- This feeling was likened to all of the bodily awareness, suddenly being pulled in your pineal area (third eye)
- This was discovered that the mix of isochronic frequencies consistently caused an entire shift in consciousness
- Chi isochiral music suite can assist in the accumulation of acquired chi.

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