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Thursday, September 27, 2012

What To Do When Checking Used Cars For Sale Before Buying One 

Buying a secondhand car can be daunting for a first time buyer. While there are several things to consider when you buy cars, you need to be sure that you will physically inspect the car before you spend money on it. So before you shop around used cars for sale, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. Tip number one is to ensure the car is parked on level ground prior to taking a look at it. Doing so allows you to see the tires clearly as well as help you see any signs of sagging on the car. You need to run your fingers along the body of the car to check for waves or bumps or slight dents that indicate the car has undergone a paint job. Feel the joints and the edges on the panels for roughness, another indicator that there was a paint job done.

You also need to check the car's trunk: it should not have holes and water marks or damage on it. Depending on how much the car was used, it is normal to see some wear in this area. Another tip is to check under the hood, taking a careful look at the engine and its parts. Regardless if you are buying affordable used cars, the engine ought to be clean and should not be emitting clanking, coughing or any unusual sounds. You also need to check the car's fender; the VIN ought to be clearly printed and complete. The hoses on the engines must not have cracks, the belts not worn away and the radiator hose should stay firm.

You need to get to know the dealership you are buying a car from. You have to be sure you know how long the dealership has been around and how many people they have sold cars to before. Be sure the dealership has its own website such as that of Hertz Car Sales to be sure they are legit and are making an effort to get in touch with their target markets. This is important because you have to be certain about the quality of the secondhand cars you are considering to purchase. It is also important to bring your own mechanic with you when you check out these cars especially if you are considering to buy one that is sold directly by its owners. It is important to carefully go over all available options before you finally decide on a car to buy.

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