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Friday, September 28, 2012

Wearing A Great Elvis Costume 

Fancy halloween costume for grownups have become enormously popular, especially around Halloween at the end of Oct. These days it's not just the kids that dress up for Halloween, and it's not just witch and ghost costumes that are worn. One of many enduring favorites for adult fancy halloween costume is the Elvis costume.

Everybody can immediately recognize an Elvis Presley costume. It comes down to the 1950s hair style: darkish, thick, wide sideburns, sleekly combed back and long (but certainly not the shaggy and untidy look of the 1970s). You can get inexpensive plastic wigs that express the look well enough for a Halloween costume party, but you might want to make investments a little more in a better quality wig if you intend to wear the Halloween costume on several occasions.

Next, be sure the obligatory sunglasses. Absolutely no Elvis costume is complete minus the sunglasses. You might need to add some makeup to get the tanned look.

As to the clothes, you need to choose your era. In his beginning as a rock star Elvis often wore an dark leather jacket and denims. It was a popular style within the 1950s, and was not truly distinctive. The signature Elvis costume came later as part of his career, especially in the late Sixties and 1970s when he regularly appeared at Las Vegas. It was the Elvis jumpsuit.

The Elvis jumpsuit look had long sleeves and sleek flared or bell-bottom pants. It had a broad collar with a deep "V" neck line.

Usually the jump suits used by Elvis were light in color, even white, in order to feature the distinctive elaborate embroidery, rhinestones, sequins, studs and rubber stamps that were added to ensure the phase costume had a big impact. Accessories included a wide buckle, with a large and elaborate buckle, and a scarf. Early on jumpsuits also featured a cape, but this was dropped later in life. Early jumpsuits also included knotted fabric belts.

The original Elvis jumpsuits have been handmade and very expensive, as well as came in a wide range of designs. It would not be practical to try to make an exact copy, but the idea can easily soon be conveyed by having a generous lot of sequins and rubber stamps.

Remember that the total Elvis "package" has been more than just a costume. It was just how Elvis stood and his unique moves, especially the way this individual swiveled his hips, that got the fans so thrilled. You might need to practice!

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