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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Greatest Olympic Winners? The Blokes Who Delivered The Extravaganza. 

Who were the biggest heroes of the London 2012 Olympics? Jessica Ennis, Ben Ainslie, Sarah Storey, Ellie Simmonds?So many individual stories of courage and resolve were written, how can we possibly choose?

So maybe the ultimate laurel wreath goes to Lord Coe and his Organising Committee for their superhuman feat of coordination. Let's ponder for just a moment how overwhelming it must be to sit down and plan from nothing such a huge and complex event. The management of the substantial finances involved; the bidding, tendering and contracting out; the design and build stage; the sheer logistical scales of visitors, staff, competitors and media; the need to build a lasting legacy, the list goes on. We can easily say with a reasonable degree of confidence that, given each Olympics is bigger and better than the last one, this was the greatest event ever staged anywhere.

If the idea of this kind of multi-strand, multi-perspective painstaking project-working is your idea of a nightmare then a career in Events Management is not really for you. If you think however that you have both the attention to detail and the ability to see the whole challenge that is needed for complex organizational challenges, then going into this growing business field may very well be well worth investigating. People are often said to possess a 'talent for organising' and it's true that some seem particularly well-suited to the role. But even if you've never felt this definition to refer to you, the opportunities available in the growing leisure and hospitality sector, with venues and events becoming ever-larger, are a shrewd place to nurture professional ambitions. The reality is that the professional world is not going to depend on your 'talent' but on your knowledge and understanding of the role and the industry, and how all the different elements come together to create a successfully planned and executed professional job of work.

Edexcel, worldwide leaders in business instruction, have now recognised the size and value of the sector with online events management courses which enable those studying them to understand the business and acquire the practical tools and knowledge you need to thrive within it. The courses, studied using an online learning environment (OLE) called Moodle which gives them constant help and guidance from professional tutors, allows students to examine the industry in the round and gain the planning tools and knowledge to enable them to advance their careers. Different levels of course, that may all be used to gain exemptions on higher level courses, contain modules dealing with financial planning and analysis, tendering and implementation, project management, current HR tools and theories, the particular working practices of the service industries as well as the management of venues.

You're unlikely to be asked to manage the Olympics but you could be soon on your way to a successful career in an expanding market. To learn more about Edexcel Events Management courses, go to www.BrightonSBM.com.

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