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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Satellite TV Dealers - Which One's The Very Best? Satellite TV Dealers 

Within the satellite TV business you'll find providers - Dish Network and DirecTV - that supply satellite TV programming, and satellite television dealers that market that programming and install the satellite dish and receivers you need to be able to watch it. There are now 2 primary satellite TV companies within the U.S. - Dish Network and DirecTV - plus many hundreds of satellite TV dealers who market their services and install their systems. Because of the rise in rise in popularity of satellite TV, dealers have sprung up all over the Internet promising the best bargains, the best service, plus everything else under the sun. But as soon as you sign up with them they might hit you with hidden service charges, provide a inferior installation, and offer limited or nonexistent customer support.

My Account

When I obtained satellite TV 13 years ago, I assumed the satellite TV dealer I purchased the service through would furnish me a professional, trouble-free installation. Not! It was more than a week until the installers showed up. And when they installed my satellite TV system they did a poor job leaving openings within the walls of my house where the cables came into the house, and a dish which swayed in the wind causing me to have to periodically reset my satellite tv settings. Needless to say I wasn't a happy camper. With experiences like mine taking place every day, how do you know if a dealer will give you an expert installation, and how do you know the dealer is actually providing you with the best price on satellite service.

Dealers Differences

All authorized dealers acquire reseller's rights through Dish Network and DirecTV. The main difference among dealers is exactly what equipment they give you, how good their particular installation service is, plus how reliable their customer service is.

Before you sign up for satellite TV service it is advisable to find out the following:

- Is the dealer an authorized Dish Network or DirecTV dealer?
- If so, will the dealer employ qualified installers to install their equipment?
- Has the dealer been in business for a minimum of 5 years?
- Is the equipment the dealer provides you new or is it used and reconditioned?
- Are there any charges in the fine print on the dealer's website like account activation fees and service charges?
- Am I Going To receive 24/7 toll-free phone and online customer service.

Best Rated Dealers

I've spent several hours checking out internet dealers. Here is a rundown on the best Dish Network and DirecTV dealers:

Dish Network Satellite Television Dealers

Number One Dealer

Launched in 2003, U.S. Dish has been recognized as an INC. 500 corporation, and was recognized as one of Utah's Top 100 businesses. Their Dish Network TV offers, reputation, and service are the best.

Number 2 Dealer

VMC is one of most well-known dealers within the U.S.. They set up the satellite TV system in the U.S. Capitol building.

These two dealers provide you with the following equipment and services:

- - Bundled programming packages with rates which begin at $20 a month.
- A free satellite dish, a free six-room receiver system, plus absolutely free expert installation
- Free high definition receivers and free DVRs
- Customer service available night and day, 7 days a week by phone, email, and chat service

DirecTV Dealers

Number One Dealer

U.S. Dish has been in business for more than a decade, and it's an acknowledged leader in satellite TV service and systems. Their rates and service are the very best I've found.

Number 2 Dealer

Direct Star TV is one of the largest DirecTV dealers in the country. Established in 2003, Direct Star TV has been recently named Elite Dealer of the Year.

Both the DirecTV dealers give you the following:

- Program deals starting at $29.99 a month
- A free satellite dish, a free four-room receiver system, plus free expert installation
- Free optional high definition receivers plus free digital video recorders when you move up to a higher-priced program package
- Customer service via email, phone, in addition to chat service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


If you decide you want the very best service and the best installation at the very best price, then investigate the above dealers. Take a look at their sites and telephone their customer service until you are completely satisfied you have found a dealer who is able to provide the best service, installation, and prices.

Click the website link that follows to find out more regarding Dish TV offers and to get the cheapest deals on Dish Network products and services.

See Who's The Best Satellite TV Dealer

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