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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ways To Improve Our Country 

Maybe everyone see that the Earth is much more busier each day. Because of that, people have become pre-occupied. You observe heavy traffics, busy people walking around the city, tall buildings, noisy cars, etc. These things you encounter everyday tend to be the reasons why you're vulnerable to stress. How much more if you encounter misunderstanding inside the society. This can be the main reason why wars are happening everywhere. But, this can not take place if people definitely understand each other.

When making a choice or giving an impression about something, most people have different viewpoint. Elected people control our nation. These chosen people are holding the responsibility of maintaining peace and order in our land. As exactly what the saying goes, that government stands out as the backbone inside our nation. Peace and order inside the nation is impossible if there'd be no government running the country. They're also people, who've the responsibility of making the country stable with regards to the people's status, the financial needs of people, the income of the country, the cleanliness of the surroundings, the education of the youth, the price increase in the marketplace, and many more.

Yet, what's happening within our nation today? Rather than taking care of our nation, there are a few politicians who would only think of their own benefits. Corruption has become rampant nowadays. We've got to accept the matter that you can find those people who are blinded due to money. How about those poor families who don't have a single cent inside their pockets. Think about these people. The one responsible in providing their needs is the government. Corruption must stop. This entire concept of corruption should end. It is because, it is thought to be the root of evil that might make our land filled with problems. Thus, the people residing in the country are the ones suffering.

Right now, it would not be possible that this bad idea could be fix immediately. However, it would help a lot if people residing in the country allow spiritual practice to flow inside our lives. That way, you are letting God guide your life path. He knows what's good for us and that he knows our capabilities here on the planet. It'll be a wonderful thing if, sometimes, between your busy lives, you allow yourself to listen to God and be amazed the way it will definitely change your whole life. I have read a news about a President who encourages his people to seek divine guidance for the whole nation. View this link to read the content. It is said, if you want change in the nation, change yourself first; and everything will follow.

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