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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Successful Bargaining When Spending Shopping Holidays to Majorca 

Majorca is a verdant island in the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Travellers all across the globe spend sumptuous holidays to Majorca to savour the place's green valleys, flower-filled plains, lofty hills, white-sand beaches, warm weather, pulsating nightlife, delectable cuisine, and friendly people. It's no wonder that it Majorca is among the world's best known Mediterranean holiday hotspots.

But Majorca isn't just popular for its sites and culture. Being an important getaway destination, Majorca is also noted for a different type of attraction that is usually not featured in guide books---the street markets, shops, and bazaars which are scattered throughout the island. All around Majorca, you can find merchants displaying and offering all kinds of merchandise, from classical pottery to top-of-the-line gadgets. The greatest thing about the whole thing? You can purchase them at unbelievably low rates---if you know how to haggle cleverly.

Here are a couple of techniques to obtain the item you want at the price you want.

1. Don't be afraid to haggle. You will be surprised and thrilled to realize that bartering and haggling is a way of living in the island. Therefore, merchants already expect that you're going to request a lower price.

2. Since not everyone in Spain speaks English, communication may be confusing or hard with regards to figures and numbers. Therefore, bring along a small calculator. Simply enter the price you want to pay for the product and show the calculator to the merchant.

3. Merchants usually tell you that the displayed price of the product is the final one. Don't concur with the figures at once although they seem very reasonable. That's because the presented price is usually thrice the real price of the product.

4. A merchant may pretend to be grumpy if you suggest a lower cost. Take notice that merchants want to profit too, and so they employ tricks to affect your emotion. Therefore, don't let their outburst get to you. It's all a part of haggling.

5. After deciding on a price that you think is mutually good for you and the merchant, stick to it. If the vendor doesn't honour the figure, turn your back and walk away. Fearing that you will get an equivalent item in his competitor's shop, he'll probably consent to your price.

6. Avoid getting ripped off by double-checking the currency being quoted.

7. Head out to other stalls or shops for identical products at lower prices.

When spending very nice holidays to Cyprus, Majorca, or some other region in the Mediterranean, use the art of haggling so you're able to shop to your advantage.

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