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Thursday, April 12, 2012

What is Liquid Organic Fertilizer? 

People in the organic farming industry love the world more than they love money. One crucial aspect of this naturalized process is to use liquid organic fertilizer. "Manure tea" as it is known has a wide array of environmental benefits.

Water, manure tea, and plenty of affection are used to nourish the plants on an organic farm. Finally there is a manure-based product that is easy to use. Think of manure tea as healthy rain for your plants, full of nutrients and minerals.

Some farmers manufacture their own manure tea. Manure forms the basis of the fertilizer, so get a large bag. You can only use manure that is in a dry form; otherwise the process produces a potentially harmful liquid.

Once you have your manure, you need a vat that you can fill with water. You are making tea, so next you have to create a teabag, except in this case it is a 4 gallon bag of manure that you can create from an old pillow case. Place the bag into the water, and wait for a few days.

You literally just leave the can standing there, brewing tea. Gasses will need to escape, so whatever you do, do not cover it. After 3-4 days, add 4 cups of salt, stir, and finally you have yourself some bulk organic fertilizer to use, or perhaps sell.

Before you can use the liquid fertilizer you have to dilute it, literally to the point where it resembles weak tea. Use 1-2 pints of this diluted solution for small plants and about 1-2 quarts for larger plants. If you are not a hundred percent sure what exactly to use, consult gardening sites or your local nursery.

This unique mixture is just one small aspect of organic farming. The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement is in charge of what is organic and what isn't. IFOAM and similar bodies are in place so that we do not destroy the Earth's bounty.

We all know how fragile the balance of the ecosystem is - organic methods are there to keep it safe. By farming with natural goods, you do not bring anything alien to the growth process - everything is natural. Organic thinking is a revolution that fuses the best aspects of traditional farming, cutting edge technology, and a love of nature.

If you want to eliminate unnecessary toxins from your food, then the only solution is to go organic. The problem with these toxins and so-called stabilizers is that they upset the natural balance of food as it grows. You cannot compare the health and ecological benefits of organic foodstuffs.

37, 000, 000 hectares of farmland are now run strictly under organic guidelines. Impressively, just fewer than 9% of the world's farmers are fully organic. The world is a steadily becoming a better place, thanks to Organic farming.

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