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Monday, April 02, 2012

In The Past, Being Green Was 'Waste Not - Want Not' 

While I was growing up, there was a statement used a great deal that was 'waste not, want not' and today the same thing is called being green. To live &quot;green&quot; is to live without totally wasting resources.

In the past, it was more on not throwing away food, where these days it is more on not squandering energy, but the principles are exactly the same. As long as half a century ago, there just weren't a lot of people and market overflowing with gadgets. As a result of the boom in the population and a society that's basically prosperous, the demand for gasoline and electricity is at a record high. Practical sense would tell you there is a day coming when the supplies will become depleted.

There was a time when there wasn't any gasoline or electricity, therefore it is possible that new forms of energy are waiting to be developed, but that doesn't mean we must go on wasting the way the world has been doing. If lots of people driving their vehicles each day help cause pollution, then those same millions of people driving less would reduce pollution. Any issue that's causing the pollution could be solved by simply not creating it. For instance, if everyone switched off the light when they exit a room, the amount of energy saved would be huge.

Just because something is hassle-free, doesn't suggest that it's good to do or ought to be done. For instance, every one of the paper, plastic and styrofoam used at fast food restaurants are filling up the landfills very quickly. Many of us don't stop and think about recycling the product packaging, we simply eat then dump the trash and move on. All major cities are having this problem without any end in sight. Products which are usually produced in higher quantities for one time use is also having an impact on the energy being wasted.

Conservation won't occur unless something happens to consumer wallets, such as the abrupt spike in fuel prices. It is quite possible that people never considered saving energy until their energy bill becomes way too high. A single person may not have an impact on helping the environment. A single person won't have an instant impact but if everyone chose to do it together, we can see a remarkable change. To be most effective, you'll want to alter your day-to-day routine including not drive very often, start recycling papers and cans and purchase only products made from recyclable material.

It does not require you to make drastic changes to stop wasting energy. You don't need to take unneeded trips in your car. It isn't required for us to change who we are to save energy and water. You can simply slow down and make your life as easy as you can.

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