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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Suggestions On How To Stop Consuming Too Much Electricity Every Day 

More electrical energy is wasted each day in the United States than in any other nation around the world. Our world is dealing with really critical issues like pollution and the ozone layer depletion so it is critical that we do our best to not squander energy and, in turn, save our environment.

Here, we will address just a couple of things you can do to help save energy and also save a little money every day. There is nothing complicated about what we will show you but you need to endeavor to do these things to save the Earth.

Just switching off the lights when you go out of a room in your place is one of the simplest things you can do to conserve power. Lots of people are likely to leave leave lights on in a room when they know they will be coming right back, perhaps in ten or fifteen minutes. If you do this for only a couple of times every day, it could add up to at the least thirty minutes of wasted electrical power. While you consuming what could be thirty minutes of electrical energy each day may not look like much, be aware that millions of other people are doing it also. And each individual who does this is consuming 182 hours of energy each year for just this one light. Now try multiplying that by just 1 million souls. The total totals to a stunning 182 million hours of wasted energy that is essentially coming from one single room in each individual's household.

Another thing that is causing electricity to be wasted is the habit people have of walking into a room and switching the lights on. This has become second nature to a lot of people. I often catch myself doing this too. The problem is that even during daytime when you have no need for the light because you're getting more than enough sunlight to light up the room. But a lot of us still come into a room and turn the lights on. And in addition to that, because of the natural light getting in, we tend to forget we switched the room light on in the first place and leave it on for the rest of the day. You just need to make a conscious effort to not flip the lights on during the day unless you have to.

One more issue is people leaving electronic devices like TVs and radios on the entire day, even when they are not using them. I holler at my mom every time I go over to visit and she has her television on but isn't even watching it. This is a great waste of electrical power. If you are not going to be in the room any longer and the telly is switched on, flip it off.

These are simply several easy things that can be done every day to help save electrical energy and to help save the planet by doing so. If every person makes just a tiny effort to do these very simple things, it can add up to make a great difference.

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