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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ralph Lauren Polo for the Modern Guy 

Ralph Lauren men's perfume line is highly famed for its touch of sophistication that is a cut above the rest. Indeed, the likes of Polo Explorer or Ralph Lauren Polo perfumes are highly popular regardless of the fact that they are priced considerably higher than most designer perfumes in the market.

The original Ralph Lauren Polo perfume was established way back year 1978. The perfume has a great blend of fine notes including musk, geranium, cedar, amber, pine needle, jasmine, bergamot, Artemisia, juniper berry, cumin, basil and many others. Hence it needs an open mind to experience and appreciate the quality of the fragrance. Someone bold and confident can effectively pull it off. Men and numerous perfume critics have considered Ralph Lauren Polo as a scent rekindling the 70’s and the 80’s. This attribute in fact makes it a classic fragrance.

The new Ralph Lauren Polo is all about masculinity and sensuality, rolled into one. Indeed, this is quite an unconventional combination but it nonetheless works! This is also one reason why it has been brought into the legendary reputation among other Ralph Lauren fragrances. This scent is quintessentially American. Whenever you catch a whiff off the scent, it brings to mind the image of a clean-shaven man, casually clad in one of Ralph Lauren's classic designs. To put it simply, you can think about those men that are showcased in one of the designer's ads.

Ralph Lauren Polo has many versions. One of which is Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black, which consists a laid back aura when compared to the original scent. But it has a twist of delicate oriental elements which makes it very appealing than you can imagine. The top notes of Double Black are mostly from woodsy elements, and cool breezy scents. This is a very male scent with a touch of gentleness, mild aura, and soothing. For sure, any man would want to have this to catch the attention of the opposite sex.

Among the scents of Ralph Lauren, Polo is considered the most unique. It can maintain its freshness starting from the top notes up to the end of its base notes. The lasting fragrance of Ralph Lauren Polo makes it a very incredible pick among men. In fact, if you put it on at the start of your day, you can still experience its scent until night time. No wonder, this scent is what every male would want to own.

If you want to really make an impression, or you may simply want to show that sense of braveness and manliness, this scent is the best choice. You can get it from leading Australia perfume retailers online for a reasonable price so you do not have to drill a hole in your pocket.

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