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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Ten Things You Need To Know About Skin Ageing. 

1 : Skin loses pliancy as you advance in years and although there is no way to restore it, you can slow down the method by moisturising well. You have to take lot of fluids each day, ideally fruit juices and water.

2 : You do not have to resort to surgery. However , should you decide that you actually need to, you may want to select collagen replacement care so as to restore the skins suppleness.

3 : There are additions you can take so as to fight off the signs of ageing. These supplements are natural based so they have no side effects and they can combat free radical compounds effectively if taken continually.

4 : The appearance of age spots can be stopped by avoiding sun exposure as much as you can . If you already have these spots, ensure that you use protection such as sun lotion in order not to make them worse.

5 : Vices like smoking and drinking will only make you appear to be older. It is really important that you start living more fit starting at the age of 30 since this is when the 1st suggestions of premature ageing appear.

6 : Avoid using scrubs on your face. Once you start to notice aging signs, you must favour moisturizing more than exfoliation. Your skin wishes all of the moisture it can get because its natural capacity to moisturize itself is beginning to reduce.

7 : Stay a great distance away from cruel cosmetics. As much as practical, use non-comedigenic or non pore blocking products to avoid breakouts and irritation especially if your skin is very sensitive.

8 : Load up on vitamin C and E

9 : Get sufficient sleep to give your body the chance to fix damaged tissues and replenish dead cells.

10 : Avoid stress as much as your are able to. If this is not possible , ensure that you find an outlet to free your stress so as to forestall the development of stress lines.

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