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Monday, February 27, 2012

The “Philippine Folk Tales” App On Your iPhone 4 

The Philippines is an archipelagic sovereign country in Southeast Asia. It features one of the lengthiest coastlines across the world since it has one of the most numerous islands and islets in the world. Coincidentally, it's also a country rich in traditional folk stories that have been inherited from parent to child, from one generation to another verbal tradition. Probably the 7,107 islands that consist of the country could also represent close to the number of folk stories they've. As a matter of fact each island and province has their own local stories to tell.

Filipino folk tales are exhilarating and quite often hair-raising as a result of a number of these discuss the unnatural and the paranormal. Therefore if folk stories is one thing that attracts your attention, or if you would like to have a whole fresh different way of entertaining yourself and other people, or if permitting your creativity fly and take you to different dimension, then reading through some of the Philippine’s most popular folk stories could be yours to read anytime and any moment in time right on your iPhone.

This is made possible thanks to the App Store. Simply look for and download and install the “Philippine Folk Tales” app that is very easy to utilize and explore as it has five major topics for you to pick. These are the basic Moro, Tingulan, Igorot, Mindanao, and Christian Tribes. Definitely gathering Filipino folk stories is not only entertaining but it also an awesome addition to one’s personal literature gallery.

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