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Friday, February 03, 2012

Home Made Energy eBook Free 

Considering the increasing price of electricity as well as other forms of energy, and the fall on the price of renewable energy technology such as solar power, more people are thinking about installing a solar system on their rooftops. Well and good, but when you look into having cheap solar panels installed, you discover that it will cost you thousands of dollars in advance to have it done, in order that it will require literally decades in some instances to extract that cost on savings on your utility bill. With this, DIY solar systems are starting to be more and more popular, and there are a number of online guides for making your own solar panels as well as putting together on your own solar system, therefore it could save you lots of cash in the cost of finished solar panels and installation. The following homemadeenergy.org review deals primarily with the issues associated with wind power, you can find more detailed solar information in our other homemadeenergy.org review.

Home Made Energy by Ben Ford is among of such guides, available right after the introductory video in www.homemadeenergy.org. The video (which is made up mostly of words showed off over a screen as the narrator, possibly Mr Ford himself, tells the story, although there are several photos along the way) presents Ben Ford's tale of exactly how his power company set up new meters that led to almost a doubling of his utility bill, that sent him over a project to find out how to construct his own solar system and have the company pay him for something new. An electrical engineer, Mr Ford already experienced a general knowledge base, and surely could learn enough concerning how solar panels work at the library as well as on the internet so that he can create his own solar system.

Mr Ford provides his guide to creating and installing a solar system along with a video accessory and a book which he didn't write regarding how to make a wind turbine, together with himself as a lifetime advice resource, for $47. Most of this is just like other DIY guides to solar power that can be acquired online, even though "club membership" is almost unusual. The majority of these packages can be purchased for as low as $50.

You can find specific standard lines that all do-it-yourself solar system ads likely to use, among that is the idea that you could potentially make your own solar sytem for less than $200. Technically, that's right, but this type of system will produce only roughly 100-150 watts of power, which is nowhere comparable to switch on a household. Get through with that giddy exaggeration, although, and confront some real figures with regards to how much it'll cost you to construct a large solar system for your house, and you're still considering big savings rather than having it installed by a contractor and paying the full amount for that solar panel, not forgetting the labor.

The downside, of course, is that it will require a few work to build your system. There is definitely no getting around that. You are discussing a great investment of time. However it's work that is not very difficult to do, and you could save a lot of cash on utility bills as time passes. Simply remember that you are looking at setting aside at least one whole weekend, most likely more if you want to make a good-sized system, or if you require some learning-curve time.

The last thing to bear in mind is that it is somewhat possible to research all of this things the same manner Mr. Ford did and avoid in paying his (or somebody else's) price simply for the guide. All the details regarding how to produce solar panels, where you can buy solar cells, and so forth can be acquired at no cost online, if you want to take some time looking it up and piecing it together. Even so, a guide like this may still be worth the small amount of cash paid for it just for convenience and ease. In the end, how much $47 is worth for your time? Then chances are you would consume so much performing the research.

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