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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Expedited Pass Port Added Pages - How You Can Add These 

If the entire passport belonging to an American citizen becomes filled up with visa entry and exit stamps to the point where it is not possible to legibly add more, they may apply for expedited passport added pages. This applies only if the passport is still valid and it is in good condition. This may be done on only two occasions.

Complete Appropriate Form

Requests for blank sections to be added must be submitted on a Form D-4085. Blank forms may be downloaded from the government website or obtained at a passport agency or acceptance facility. If accessing the form over the Internet, it may be either completed online and printed out or it may be printed and then completed by hand. The completed form must be signed on the first page.

Printing and Completion

The form must be printed one page to a side. It must be completed in black ink and in neat handwriting. Failure to complete the form correctly, especially of the Social Security Number is omitted, will result in delays in returning your new visa pages.

What To Submit

Once completed and signed, the form must be submitted to the national processing center for passports, together with the appropriate fee and the currently valid passport. There are two addresses, depending on whether your request is routine or you need to expedite it. They are nearly the same but are distinguished by their zip codes. Make sure you use the correct address.

Expedited Delivery

Routine requests are processed in 4 to 6 weeks. Urgent requests are handled within 2 or 3 weeks. If the documentation is required within four weeks in order to obtain a foreign visa, or within two weeks if the holder is travelling internationally, an appointment must be made to apply in person at a passport agency. If the application has already been submitted but not yet received and the holder is due to travel internationally within one week or less, a Customer Service Representative at the National Passport Information Center should be contacted by telephone.

Overseas Requirements

The requirements are slightly different if the request is made when the holder is overseas, for example, at the American Embassy in London. For one thing, they are not authorized to accept either cash or personal checks. They also cannot accept over-payment. They will accept credit cards, bankers drafts, certain debit cards or an international money order in the exact dollar amount.

Additional Information

Sometimes these applications are not approved. In these cases, the fee is will not be refunded. Ex-patriot Americans living in the United Kingdom must follow different instructions, depending on whether they live in England or Wales, in Northern Ireland or in Scotland. Unless foreign travel is due to take place in less than 10 days, applications may be submitted via the mail.

When mailing the necessary documentation for expedited American passport added pages, it is strongly recommended to protect them in a sturdy, waterproof envelope. Additionally, it is highly recommended to send the material by a traceable method of delivery. When enclosing the relevant fee, send either a check or money order you can also get an expedited new American passport in order to get a passport in time.

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