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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Selecting A Slip-Resistant Surface 

Slip-and-fall accidents are a leading trigger of injury at aquatic facilities. Identifying the security hazards in an write-up published in Pool & Spa Marketing magazine, PEM Surface Creations’ vice-president Rob Amelung shares information on slip-resistant flooring and its significance.

Security is a top priority at aquatic facilities, particularly in substantial site visitors and wet areas which increases the danger of slip-and-fall accidents. Since of the financial climate, numerous facilities are facing budget cuts, meaning that slip-resistant surfaces can be a expense-successful remedy.

When selecting a non skid matting, there are numerous factors to think about, which includes its place, slip-resistant properties, installation approach, physical properties, upkeep, security and comfort.

Slip-resistant properties – To make sure a surface is slip-resistant, a third party evaluation is necessary. Slip-resistant traits are graded making use of a coefficient of friction (COF) scalar value. Tests should be performed on wet and dry surfaces making use of a assortment of footwear (e.g. tennis footwear, grooved neolite and bare feet).

Installation approach – Putting in a slip-resistant surface is vital to its effectiveness. Figuring out how to take it easy your flooring and understanding the adhesives will alter the installation time, longevity and effectiveness of the surface.Physical properties – Since of in which slip-resistant flooring is usually installed, it is subjected to elements this kind of as chemical substances, extreme heat, wind uplift and mold/mildew growth, which will impact the lifestyle of the slip-resistant surface.

Upkeep – To maximize the lifestyle of slip-resistant flooring typical upkeep along with appropriate procedures are needed. That contains inspecting edges and making use of acceptable cleansing items and tools.

Security and comfort – Offering a security surface for areas with substantial barefoot site visitors, slip-resistant surfaces should be at ease to individuals of all ages. It should also safeguard bare feet from splinters and hot surfaces.

For more information on slip resistant flooring, please visit http://www.pemsurface.com.

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