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Monday, January 23, 2012

The food crisis is coming. Will you be ready or not? 

With the decline in the American dollar, droughts around the world, tsunami's, earthquakes, tornadoes, civil unrest, and the same, we are facing an overall food shortage and it is coming to America! Perhaps you have prepared for your family, your friends, your loved ones? If need be, could you survive without food for a minimum of three days?

Most families in the United States do not even have a two-day food supply! Now is the time for you to stop being complacent, get up from your recliner and start preparing. Feel free to look at the extra topics written by this writer who is focused on helping his readers by utilizing his vast experience - Survive Food Crisis. Invest some time moving via these informative articles as you are actually bound to discover something new as well as unique that you can apply right away to see the last results.

Foodstuff and also prices of everything imaginable that you take for granted will skyrocket. Take, for instance, bread prices. Only a few short years ago bread could be purchased for as low as a dollar, now bread costs a minimum of two dollars a loaf at the local stores. Candy bars were fifty cents to a dollar and now to get a smaller version of the bar it's two dollars!

It is my belief that many food and energy rates, for the most part, are being artificially kept down, but when the new year rolls around, watch out. Everything is going to go up... way up! They'll be more than double! 2012 food price are likely to look like a great buy next year. Gas prices of 2012 are going to be fondly remembered.

As Americans, we should have a food storage program. Remember, buying food now and storing the food is only prudent, not hoarding. With America's ancestral heritage, along with the rest of the world, stored food for critical conditions during lean times was more established than today. We know even in ancient Egypt, they stored grain in case of a famine. Anyone now, not thinking about this chooses to do so to their own endangerment. My aim is not merely to scare you, but I am only trying to get America to prepare for the unavoidable.

This I know comes as a conservative view, but it can be a prudent view as well. The average grocery store in America only has enough food available for three days at most. If a crisis arises, the stores will end up without food and everything else most likely within three hours. In a crisis such as a natural disaster, some people are likely to loot and take precisely what they think they have entitlement to. There will be attacks, robberies, and theft. Misery loves company and people often sink to their lowest level at the time of crisis. If you are well prepared, however, you do not have to worry about going out and finding food. You will be at home protecting your family. Your family will be grateful you thought ahead.

The men and women that thought you were cooky will wish that they had listened to your words of wisdom and caution.

Getting started on a food storage plan is not really as difficult as you think. People with modest means can potentially have a plan of action. We can show people how. Self-reliance can be easily achieved, but it has to be thought out, like procuring medicine, toilet paper, water requirement, and learning ways to cook without electricity. What about seeds needed for a garden for your fresh vegetables and fruit? All things need to be considered. For people who liked this particular brief write-up, you will surely find the following information worth it - Sold Out After Crisis.

What about silver and gold? The average person thinks for them it is unattainable. If our dollar becomes worthless, which is a great possibility, what are you going to use for money? The only money is gold and silver.

I will explain to you how the metals can be obtainable for pennies on the dollar. Garage sales! Yes, that's right, garage sales. Every week hundreds of garage sales go on throughout the country. Jewelry is often available made of sterling gold and silver. You can buy, very quickly, ounces upon ounces of gold and silver chains, bracelets, earrings, rings etc. Buy it broken or unbroken. Gold is gold and silver is silver and there is absolutely no penalty whether it is actually broken or not, or if silver is tarnished or not! If it's merely one earring buy it, everything just adds up. People having garage sales rarely, check to see what they have or what it is made of. That is to your advantage.

We hope you will allow us to help you to defend yourself and we have many, many unique ideas to assist every family regardless of what their means. A well supplied America can be a safer America.

Preparedness is wisdom that will be able to save your life. Please find below a site which you could click and paste to your web browser. Let us teach you simple solutions to give you a better peace of mind when trouble confronts you. Remember, prices are sure to get higher. Storing now can save you money in the long run. Think of it like an insurance policy that you can use!

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