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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Choosing The Best Pastry Schools 

While culinary schools seem to be opening in cities around the country, pastry schools don't seem to have the same popularity. Though some of these cooking schools are including a pastry programs in their curriculum, it is considered an afterthought instead of a primary educational mission. That being said, the premier pastry schools have a concentrated curriculum that offers very focused training for a time period of three months for a certificate program, or a two year associates degree program.

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The quality of the instructor could make or break the program. The best instructors can make a basic curriculum feel like a rewarding and satisfying learning experience. This is a great reason to pay a visit to every culinary school in consideration. It’s a chance to interact with the students and the instructor. Make sure you don't spend all of your time talking with the admissions staff. Their job is to sell prospects on the school, so you won’t necessarily get impartial information from them. If it is available, try to sit in on a class to get a feel for them. Note the interaction between the students and the instructor. You should be able to tell immediately whether or not students are totally focused on learning and baking.

If a culinary school does not allow sit-ins or class visits, you should go on the Internet to find out if the schools alumni have blogs or other writings. Schools should have a list of alumni who would be glad to speak with you about their time at pastry school.

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Using these two methods should be a great help in locating a premier pastry school. After a school has been chosen, the next question becomes "How will I afford it"? If a dedicated pastry arts program is too expensive, a community college is a good place to look to take some courses in baking or pastry arts. While instructors at a community college may not have the reputation of instructors at a pastry school, they may still be great teachers. For those who aspire to work in a top-tier bakery, attending a premier baking and pastry school will provide the best opportunity.

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