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Friday, December 16, 2011

Incredible Tips On The Way In Which Technology Might Help Some Of Us To Locate Headstones 

It was fairly heart warming to read a few days ago about plans being established by the US government to create a digital database, to be able to track down, recognise and register the grave sites of all of those military people who had given their lives in combat, in service to their country. Up until recently it seemed there was a great deal of incompetence when it came to the management and maintenance of these grave sites and that at times the administrators were plainly not able to locate the actual resting places of certain individuals. Worse still, it seemed the headstones that ought to be in position were basically missing.

There may be nothing quite as tragic as this kind of situation for mourning relatives, who merely want to get some element of closure and a beautiful spot in order to go to remember fondly the dearly departed.

Finally, it seems that GPS technology and Smartphone Apps are used to categorise and then conclusively pinpoint the location of headstones and burial sites, to ensure that loved ones may in the future have the ability to go online and make use of proprietary software, like Google Maps, in order to look at a close-up view of the specific burial site.

Whilst this isn't a challenge that might affect everybody, it nevertheless goes to show exactly how crucial headstones and various site markers are to most of us. In our individual way we need to make sure that the family members are never forgotten about and really should allocate a lot of attention to the design and configuration of headstones. Whilst the specific memorial cards that people give to us at the funeral are poignant and naturally very important, headstones are made to be memorials that go on forever. We would like to be able to visit them every once in awhile, but in addition need to be in a position to invite our kids and grandkids to visit them as well, to remember their ancestors later on when we are gone.

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