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Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Impossible Town Planning And Development Dilemma - Maintaining The Status Quo 

Currently there are numerous facets of Planning and Development that are rather demanding. We all desire to own a house and endeavour to live an areas that are safe and pollution free. Nevertheless, we all want basic amenities but desire to have them accessible without impacting on our quiet suburban lifestyle. The structure of our cities and residential areas and how they interact is managed by planners.

Planning and Development

Planning and development is an essential component of our city's life and, ultimately, our own lives. New property developments are needed to meet the demands of individuals and businesses that are vital to the economic balance of a city community. Nevertheless all development must be supervised so as to not adversely impact on the performance and character of the local area It can be quite a challenging and tough problem as residential and non-residential developments have very different influences and demands. Companies can raise traffic levels while housing developments may require even more stores and schools

It is the aim of Planning Consultants to work with property developers to smooth the journey through the planning and development system. They provide expert guidance to the developer to assist remove any design issues that may give rise to objections raised during the official planning and development review. It turns into a fine balancing act involving fashioning homes with a special identity whilst not transforming the overall character of a neighbourhood. There will often be a conflict of interests involving developer and planner. The developer desiring to maximize the number and size of houses whilst the planner wishes to lower the housing density and provide open spaces.

What factors are typically born in mind during planning and development?

The following issues may well be taken into account during the planning process:-

Appearances - Any development must have a pleasing or neutral visual influence on its surroundings.

Safety - A neighbourhood has to be built to be as safe as possible from natural occurrences like flooding and to be as protected as feasible in the case of an earthquake.

Environmental factors - The development must bear in mind the local environment and its impact on it. Are there any existing environmental issues such as sound pollution or bad air quality.

Why plan so much?

It is crucial for all these aspects to be taken into consideration throughout planning and development, so as to, first of all, attract the property solicitors who will then intermediate the property sale. Convincing a solicitor is going to also result in bringing about his client base to the neighbourhood - the bigger, the better - which will certainly speed up the selling process. All the above issues will raise the value of the property and increase its desirability.

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