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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Are You Ready To Learn About Some Little Known Treatments for Menopause? 

Adjusting to menopause symptoms can be hard. Yes, that does mean literally pain in the derriere. Thankfully menopause treatment has advanced quite a bit over the last few decades. Your grandmother or great grandmother probably went through menopause without treatment. Now there are all sorts of treatments and remedies that can help a woman to ease her suffering. Each woman's response to treatment is unique. There are some options that will work for you and others that might not. The treatments discussed below are worth the time it will take to explore them.

Make sure you get at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise each day. Whether or not you want to believe it, exercise is a really effective treatment for menopause. Aging adjacent diseases like cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis can also be helped by regular aerobic exercise. Exercise can also help you sleep better each night and keeps you in good spirits throughout the day. Giving in to the various symptoms of menopause is harder when endorphins are keeping your spirits up. Exercise is also very effective in helping keep your stress levels low. It should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway: A balanced diet really is a form of menopause treatment. Eating a nutritious and balanced diet can go a long way to keeping your entire body healthy. It should go without saying that a woman who is going through "the change" is going to have vastly different needs than a woman who is not. The biggest difference is that a woman going through menopause (or who has already gone through it) needs more calcium. Doctors recommend getting at least twelve hundred milligrams of calcium a day to help fight against bone density loss and osteoporosis.

Some women report that the use of anti-depressants has done wonders for their menopausal symptoms. Anti-depressants used as a treatment for menopause should be carefully considered to avoid potential chemistry issues. Anti-depressants used during menopause are typically prescribed in small doses. This treatment has been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes. This has also been shown to improve mood and irritation levels. Explore this option with your physcian if you think it might work for you. Anti-depressants take time to work. They need time to show any real change in moods or behaviors.
It is important that you are smart about the different menopause treatments that you try. Don't take everyone's advice and buy any herbal remedy without first speaking to your physcian. In fact, you should talk to your doctor before you try any menopause treatment. It is also important to remember that you are not alone.
At some point in every woman's life she will experience this "change". You might try talking to other women who are going through the change at the same time that you are. Having a support group who understands what you are experiencing and how to support you through it will make the transition easier for all.

It was reported by a lady in Romania that her menopause symptoms has ended after having green smoothies for about two months. It is easy to create your own smoothie at home. By using a good blender like from Vitamix, you can easily make a delicious and healthy green smoothie using vegetables and fruits which are available cheaply at the closest store. Check out Vitamix 5200 review at http://www.vitamixreviews.com to have some ideas on a great smoothie recipes.

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