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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top 3 Most Wanted Gold Coins In The Market 

Gold coins are traded daily. Indeed, these coins would be the most preferred collectibles of man. This is a valuable because it contains some of the costly elements on this planet. People trade gold coins both for investment and aesthetic pleasure. Although, be reminded that not every gold coins are created equal. Some have larger value than others because of their gold quality and rarity. Moreover, the United States Mint is noted for its production of gold coins from 1795 to 1933. Gold coins are ranging from $1 to $20 in denominations. By 1934, the government removed these precious pieces in the circulation because of the growing cost of gold in the global market. But, this would not hinder to stop purchasing and trading gold coins. Gold coins are highly regarded by numismatists and coin collectors everywhere in the world, both for their composition and their rarity.

Below are several of the most vivid gold coins these days which you may find interesting:

American Eagle Gold Coins
This is the official gold bullion coins in the U.S. Previously legalized from the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. On 1986, previously first released from the U.S. Mint. These coins are minted in various denominations. One can opt to avail the 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1-ounce sizes of yankee Eagle Gold coins. Each coin contains 22 karats of gold. Its impeccable design points to the traditional "Walking Liberty" figure. Gold Eagles are well known choice among traders because they can be readily purchased from the U.S. Mint or through a number of honest resellers.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins
Since 1979, over 20 million troy ounces of Gold Maple Leaf coins are actually sold. The Royal Canadian Mint has released bullion coins that are categorized as .99999 gold. The weights of the coins are starting one-twentieth of an ounce to 1 full troy ounce. The Maple Leaf coins comes also in silver, palladium and platinum aside from gold. The rate of Gold Maple Leaf coins depends on the international market prices. Other gold commodities that are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint are gold wafers and gold kilo bars.

Krugerrand Gold
The South African Krugerrand is another common coin choice amongst investors and collectors. These coins come in several sizes. The smallest contains 1/10 troy ounce of gold and the largest, 1 full troy ounce. Krugerrands are not pure gold. A small amount of copper is added to get the coin sturdier. Krugerrands are regarded as gold bullion. They aren't currency or rare coins, and their value depends on the gold content of the coins. The Krugerrands have been the preference of the people since 1967, the time they were first minted.

Indeed, gold coins are precious pieces. The American Eagle Gold Coins, Canadian Maple Leaf Coins and the Krugerrand are considered as the three most wanted coin pieces today. Make up your mind what type of coin you want to purchase whether gold coins or gold coin bullion if you are about to collect gold coins. Legal tender gold coins were minted as legal tender by governments all over the globe. These types of coins were minted until the 1930's. During this point in time, the U.S. went off of the gold standard and stopped circulating gold coins. Gold bullion is created and produced to see closely like coin rather it is not legal tender. This metal is manufactured and designed for its gold content. Gold traders will just must decide if they are looking for a coin that may be made from gold or gold in the shape of a coin.

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