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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Need The Most Stunning Toy This Christmas? 

Do you dream of swashbuckling adventures like in Pirates of the Carribean? Have you always felt love and attachment to the ever notoriously quirky Captain Jack Sparrow? Are you in search of adventure? Then you need to get a lego black pearl, so that you can join him on his quests!

This Lego Black Pearl was much anticipated and the release date was said to be sometime last October. Argueably one of the least talked about features of the toy is the 6 minifigures that you get with the black pearl. The rumoured price of this Lego Black Pearl is said to be around $99.

The pearl comes complete with 804 tiny pieces and the 6 minigures mentioned earlier. The toy possesses many features such as a host of weaponry, all plastic of course, a mast and sail to keep the ship afloat and best of all, a functioning anchor.

The magic created in the movie series is on par with the likes of Avatar and so forth. The sight of the Black Pearl sailing through the rough and smooth makes a shiver go down the back of everyone's spine. It made those of us who are old and weary, simply leap from our seats and jump into the life we dreamed we would have when we were younger.

The Lego black pearl is a miniature of the real black pearl ship captained by Jack Sparrow. The model is derived from the ship used to portray the Black Pearl in the second movie of the four part series. The ship has double sided cannon holes, therefore allowing for the toy canons to put either side of the ship.
The Black Pearl is definitely the best toy any child could hope to receive this christmas. The little characters that come with the ship are so realistic and add a lot of excitement to the entire package. All of the characters have retained all of the little individualities that they have in the films, therefore allowing children to full engage with the concept.

Charm is something that Jack Sparrow will always possess, regardless of whether he is in flesh or in plastic! He retains all of the quirks that make him so great in the film. You will find him in the middle of his duel with Lego Davy Jones, so be sure not to disturb him.

One of the most loved characters in the movie is Will Turner. He craves attention and needs to be admired. He was once a humble blacksmith but he became more than that as the story progresses. And his good heart is still very much seen through his mini figure.

This lego black pearl will definitely make your child happy. If you are looking to add to your current collection of toys, then this toy certaintly will fill quite a hole in anyone's collection. When people see the toy, the need to touch it. It is almost like the magic of the films has filtered into the toy. For those people seeking adventure, then you can be sure that the Lego Black Pearl will bring you exactly that.

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