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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Planting Magnolia Seeds 

Planting magnolia tree is different from planting the full grown seeds. Those who have grown from the little plant have high probability of surviving in contrast to planting the magnolia seeds. It is crucial to understand the logic the reason why magnolia seeds require more interest and time than the plant itself. Since we have to start from the basic seed germination, we have to keep in mind several factors that might modify the growth of the seeds too.

For beginners, you might have a hard time planting magnolia seeds. Nevertheless, if you would want to experience growing one, why not have your own backyard as a sample spot for your project?
This article will discuss the fundamental steps on how to grow magnolia trees and shrubs from seeds. This might be a very little time consuming and more considerations, however, you will get a lot of satisfaction if the gets successful. These are the things that you have to do in growing magnolia from seed.

The source of the seed should be the magnolia tree itself growing in September or October. You have to get the seed pods. If it is slightly opened, look inside and you will see an inner seed in orange.
Dry the seeds within 2 to 3 days. You have to keep it dry. After that, if the pods tend to be dry, proceed to the next step.
Place water in a bowl and set all the magnolia seeds through this. Make sure to soak the seed pods overnight to allow the actual orange coating to soften.

Once soaked, you have to rub the actual seeds against your fingertips so as to remove the outer covering and it will reveal a more dark seed. Now, the seed is ready for planting.
This time around, you have to be ready with the area where you would want it planted. It should be a slightly lighted area in the backyard, or a slightly shaded part. You have to dig an opening of ¼ inch in depth. You have to put one seed for each hole. You have to cover the actual seed completely with the damp soil.
Keep the soil damp. Water the seed after planting. At the same time, it should be watered every day until such time that the seed germinates. After germination, decrease water content in the soil and it is advisable to water the actual germinated plant once or twice a week.

Well, of course the growing procedure should not stop there. Make sure you have removed any type of growth disruption within the plant roots like weeds and other elements. At the same time, you can trim the limbs from time to time to keep your tree fit. You will just never realize how fast it grows and the next thing you know, it has fully bloomed.
These are some things that we have to bear in mind as planning to raise Magnolias out of seed pods. This information is very beneficial to people who wanted to try growing it but lack the understanding and those who are growing this but wants to understand much more the nature of magnolia trees. Click on this site http://www.MagnoliaTreeEarthCenter.org for more information.

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