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Sunday, October 09, 2011

History of Jewelry Worn by Men and Men’s Jewelry Box in Different Countries 

Men liked wearing jewelry as much as women in the olden days. Jewelry was worn like a talisman by some kings to ward off evil. Even then they relied on a handcrafted men’s jewelry box to keep their jewelry safe.

In the seventeenth century, Greek artisans shaped shells with bones and beads to make jewelry. Badges to denote social and official rank, and emblems of religious or social or political affiliation were worn by men. Kings and male gods of Indian mythology, wore large crowns encrusted with various precious stones.

Jewelry like rings, earrings, armlets, nose rings, lip rings, necklaces, and chains with big pendants were worn by Indian men even in real life. Men also wore brooches, clasps, and buttons on their chest. Bracelets, rings and anklets were worn on their hands and feet. The waist was adorned with belts, girdles, pendants, and chatelaines.

There are some men from the state of Orissa in India who still wear jewelry all the time up to this day. Jewelry is worn by everyone in Egypt. Earrings, armlets, bracelets, and anklets were worn by men also. Anklets which were huge and round shaped were worn by men. The whole body of the anklet is left hollow and filled with precious stones.

The rich would wear jewelry made of gold and silver or Electrum, which is an amalgam of gold and silver, and inlaid with precious stones. From generation to generation this jewelry was handed down. Men wore what their fathers wore and usually followed their footsteps in those ancient times.

As the modern world goes through constant changes, men have the opportunity to choose their occupation and how they dress. Even till today there are tribal men in every country who continue to wear their forefathers' jewelry and live exactly how their ancestors lived.

Men are slowly gravitating back to jewelry in today's world and you could find many youngsters with rings, chains, bracelets, and earrings. Professional jewelry like cuff links, and tie pins made of gold or other precious metal, expensive watches, etc are still very popular. Men like to wear thick silver chains, which are considered fashionable. They would also like to match the chain with a bracelet of the same pattern.

For men piercing the ear and wearing a gold or silver stud is considered macho and trendy. Men have always liked to wear rings. Western men usually wear their wedding rings, and some wear rings with religious connotations.

Asian men like to wear their birthstone on a ring. It is a superstitious belief that if they wore it, luck would always knock at their door. Male Bharatnatyam (an Indian classical dance) dancers wear costumes and jewelry similar to their female counterparts in India and elsewhere and carry it off so well! Men are increasingly fascinated with electronic gadgets with the constant evolution in their tastes.

Men can easily find a jewelry box to store their collection of jewelry and accessories, whatever their interest may be.

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