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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Gifts For Boyfriend That Are Cool and Fashionable 

It looks like you have a very nice, fun-loving boyfriend. You would want to buy him something special for being incredibly understanding and caring. Even if it is not any special occasion here are some gifts for boyfriend.

You can buy him a small carry bag. Buy him one with compartments that can accommodate his stuff. It will be so handy if it has a compartment for soiled linen.

Buy a coupon for him from his favorite branded shop and ask him to choose whatever he would like to buy. He will be happy to pick and choose his favorite colors. He might not like your choice of clothes that you pick for him, and would be hesitant to tell you. He might think he will offend you.

A compact iron would be a good gift to give him. The iron is so compact that he can even carry it in his pocket. Whenever he travels he can take it with him. You can select his favorite color. You can also buy him a pair of branded coolers. Branded things will always be preferred by guys and men.

He will really appreciate a tie and a tie pin, If your boyfriend has to dress formally for work. Always remember not to pick ties with floral designs. Men are attracted to macho looking ties. A simple tie pin would do. If he seems flashy then get him a tie pin with a single white stone on it.

A huge bath towel would also be a good gift for him. When he goes for his spa sessions he will be sure to use it. Buy him a track suit for jogging. You could buy him a navy blue or a black one with a neat design on it.

Guys play with toys at all ages. A video game would also be a nice gift for him. He will be thanking you for it when he finds himself bored.

If your boyfriend loves boxing and is not putting in enough effort to continue this sport, you can help him rekindle his love for the sport. Get a boxing kit for him. A boxing kit will have a pair of boxer shorts, a teeth rubber guard, a pair of boxing gloves, and a punching bag.

You could also buy him a silver chain and a pendant with his in initials or name on it. Guys like rope or flat patterns so get him one like that. Choose a short chain which will just fit around his neck.

He will feel special and pampered when you get him a card with romantic words whenever you give him a gift. Putting a lot of effort and thought into his gift will make him appreciate you more. He just might start looking to you to shop for him.

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