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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Essential Guides about Physician Assistant Work 

What is the difference between nursing jobs and physician assistant jobs? Generally, a physician assistant is mistakenly characterized as a nurse. There's a simple thin line regarding the two jobs. Allow me to lay down the differences of the two.

Let me define first the description of the two. Physician Assistant Job is basically assist a doctor and perform whatever a doctor does but under proper guidance. They cannot execute duties independently because they really need to seek advice from and report everything towards the doctor. They're also licensed and passed specific exams to be licensed to become physician assistant.

What do they do? Physician Assistant Career diagnose diseases, assist in preventing it and to give treatments to it. They should maintain the health of their patients and so they are required to do follow ups and check ups every now and then. They also take care of injuries, illnesses, sicknesses and diseases. Their task depends on what type of doctor they're aiding. For instance, if a physician assistant assists a psychologist, then he/she might be able to aid diagnose any disorder and study this situation. They are able to also provide solutions and sessions in order to cure the diagnosed disorder but of course again with the proper guidance of the immediate attending physician.

A nursing job also assists a doctor however their assistance is simply restricted to doing injections, offering treatments and assisting patients. They're not permitted to prescribe any medication, diagnose any disease or such. This is where physician assistant tasks vary from nursing jobs. They're able to diagnose, cure and perform almost the same duty as the doctors but nurses cant. Nurses function upon the advice of the doctors and would report to their head nurses while a PA can perform without the advice from a doctor although with direct supervision. They perform extra major tasks when compared with nurses.

Simple Guides about Physician Assistant Jobs

Portion of the physician assistant tasks are to provide counseling, interpreting tests, conducting physical examinations, prescribe cure and treatment based from the findings of their immediate physician supervisor. Basically, based on the differences, a nursing job is a stepping stone anyone to proceed to health care field however the jumping board may be the physician assistant. They perform tasks performed by doctors themselves. They are greatly encountered with things that a doctor does which a nurse is not able to do. They can be greatly exposed in the healthcare industry when compared with nurses.

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