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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Choosing the Perfect Jewelry Boxes For Women 

For some, its gemstones, for others gold and for many women out there, just about any kind of jewelry is appreciated. What is as important as the ornaments is the jewelry boxes for women. They preserve and protect those precious collections for a life time.

Materials for jewelry boxes come in a wide range to suit different aesthetic and personal preferences. A jewelry box's size and construction is dependent on the extent of the collection it has to contain. The different kinds of jewelry to be stored will also need to be taken into consideration.

For example, a wooden box without a lining will not be able to hold a collection of gemstones. Stones, if placed together in a box without a soft lining to cushion them can end up with scratches on their surfaces. In the same way, a box sans compartments can lead to these stones rubbing against one another damaging their surfaces.

Ideal boxes for large collections are those that are made up of wood. Antique boxes with compartments are a preferred choice among women for their jewelry. This would include cup holders for rings and earrings, removable trays for necklaces, and rolls for watches or bracelets

Wooden boxes are considered classics and there are a number of ways in which their lids can be done up. Along with carving and etching, marquetry is common too. Marquetry is where small bits of veneer in different shades and textures are used to fill in selected designs.

Because of its durability, leather is often used as a casing. These are ideal for storage of jewelry that is a combination of stone and precious metals. The soft lining of the leather prevents jewelry from getting abraded. Available in black, brown, tan, and their variants, there is a vast choice in leather casing boxes.

Fashion trends have made colors like baby pink and lime green popular as well. Single compartment boxes are available as also those with extendable trays and lined interiors. You could also choose musical boxes according to the size of your collection. These come with little figurines on top and winding buttons behind, to get the music playing. They come in versions that have drawers, hooks, compartments and even doors, setting them apart.

For women who love their jewelry on the go, a leather case would be perfect. Choose from the simple rolls that holds all you need in the suitcase or the compartmentalized box that comes together with a strap. You also get jewelry boxes based on the kind of accessories you need to store.

Watch boxes have rolls that can hold anywhere between 4 and 10 watches. The rolls can also be removed to make space for other items that you may have. Bangle boxes come with rolls to carry a selection of bangles. Choose from single or multiple roll boxes. You could select a closed or glass covered box that will allow you to look at your jewelry.

Select your jewelry box based on the kind of ornaments you want to keep in it. This is the ideal way to keep your collection safe.

This article was written by Ruth D’Souza Prabhu of MarqART Gift Shop. Our jewelry boxes are original works of art, no two creations are the same. Each wood shown has its own unique wood grain pattern and color. MarqART comes from combining the words marquetry (wood inlay) + Art (a creation of beauty) an apt name for our products. A fine addition to your dressing table or as a gift. Please visit http://www.marqartgiftshop.com to browse & buy exotic jewelry boxes that will give you a lifetime of pleasure!

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