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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Best Birthday Gifts: Exciting Holiday Hubs For a Loved One 

If you're searching for best birthday gifts for someone you love, a weekend vacation can surely make him or her very happy. Having a short vacation not only relaxes the mind and makes the person free from the stress of daily work but also gives the chance to meet new friends. There are several beautiful destinations that you can select.

The ideas presented below are just some of the usual destinations majority of people would love to see.

If you're going to give a gift to someone with a spouse, pick the most romantic spots; if they have kids, you can choose a destination for an educational tour. The following places are handpicked in order to help you decide the perfect vacation gift you can give.

Eco friendly destinations: There are many places that would fall into this category, but if you're looking for something unique and interesting, choose the Estate Concordia Preserve located at the Virgin Islands. The idea is to bask in the tranquil waters and enjoy the beauty of nature while staying in a multi-level tent with all the necessary facilities provided. And that will surely make a memorable gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Spa Vacations: a perfect romantic destination for couples would be the Groove Park Inn Resort. If you're going to give this getaway to your spouse, both of you will surely enjoy the time together. The resort is located in North Carolina and the beauty of the location appeals to visitors who will also love the exceptional service they offer. Customers are treated with luxury and comfort in the most exclusive way.

National Parks: The Yosemite National Park has tons of hotels that visitors can choose from but the Tenaya Lodge is perfect for families who want to tag along their pets on their vacation. Couples can enjoy the breathtaking views while the kids get to learn from this educational tour and vacation package. The affordable price and the special treatment for pets is enough reason to consider this gift to a special someone.

Camping: Everybody surely enjoys the idea of camping. Giving this extraordinary gift to a teenager would surely put a smile on his or her face. The Sinya on Lone Man Creek located in Texas Hill County provides the best camping facilities inclusive of tent and cooking facilities. A complimentary use of tub and internet access can also be availed of. It's nature friendly and an affordable weekend getaway for someone who's looking for something that can be really exciting and a whole lot of fun.

An average person won't really have the time to prepare and plan a short vacation, so this weekend retreat can be a real blessing for those who are looking for a time out from work. So go ahead and choose from the vacation ideas that will surely make a unique birthday gift for someone who's very special.

Aside from vacation packages, of course you can always consider getting a marquetry designed jewelry box that can be a perfect gift for all ages. Make every birthday truly memorable with unique gifts that really make a difference and will be cherished forever.

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