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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Egyptian Jewelry Boxes and Treasure Chests: An Analysis 

Egyptians were always famous and renowned for their artisan work. Whatever they took up, they showed outstanding skill in execution. They were well known for their skill in design. The Pharoah's burial caskets were done by them so beautifully and exquisitely. Right from the ancient world until this day Egyptian jewelry boxes are sought after.

Egyptian artisans who made jewelry boxes in ancient Egypt are admired even today for their marvelous designs and paintings. The artisans made Pyramid treasure chests and jewelry boxes. They were designed so perfectly.

A real treasure is the colored tomb jewelry box. The most beautiful and impressive are the scarab jewelry boxes.

An eye catcher is the Egyptian throne jewelry box. Most of them are made with cold cast resin and painted with gold and black. This was used for even keeping the Pharoah's jewelry, as it was such a hidden place and was kept for centuries.

In ancient Egypt women and men wore jewelry. The famous Egyptian bastet with a cat trinket on the lid is a beautiful show piece. Octagon, hexagon, and rectangle are the different shapes of the Egyptian jewelry boxes. They had even shapes like the pyramid and the sphinx. The designs painting and coloring were so exquisite and enhanced its beauty. The sand stone pyramid box is so famous that no tourist will miss out when visiting Egypt.

The golden pyramid trinket box is where the beauty of it can be appreciated when looking at with direct eye. You can find these jewelry boxes in different sizes. The big boxes were called treasure chests and were used for storing precious jewelry and other treasures.

One of the famous boxes throughout the world is the Anubis Coffin jewel box. It's shaped like a coffin. The box is made of enameled metal with crystal jewels. It is one's privilege to own it

The Egyptian Chariot trinket box is very cute. The box has a chariot shaped design. A large treasure chest was found in Pharaoh Tutankhamen's tomb.

Ttwo pieces of mother of pearl inlaid on a woody box is one of the most famous boxes. Around the mother of pearl there are other inlaid gem stones that look so gorgeous. It is also available with just the plain mother of pearl.

In those days the craftsmen were always trying to please the Pharaoh. Cedar chests were also very beautiful. Beautifully designed ones as well as plain varnished ones were available. These chests are usually handed over from generations to generation and its a pride to own one of these.

Egyptian jewelry boxes have always been a craze and it looks like they always will be.

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