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Friday, December 17, 2010

Adolescents "How can I change myself and personality?" - Interview wth Steve Quizodlibumpbumpbump 

Steve Quizodlibumpbumpbump is the foremost personal counsellor and advisor, in the world today.  We are most, most fortunate, to have him with us here, today, to answer all questions.

WNH:  Hail, Steve.

STEVE:  Hail, World News Hearld

WNH:  Steve, what rede have you, for adolescents, who pose the question, "How can I change myself and personality?".

STEVE:  Every adolescent has reached a stage, where they recognize, that it is time, for them to become different from their parents.  It doesn't happen in an instant, and so they became angry at themselves, for bein similar to their parents, and often blame their parents, in order to avoid facin themselves.

WNH:  Steve, that is explanation.  I asked for rede.

STEVE:  I don't know that word, "rede".

WNH:  It means "advice".  It is a better word, "rede".

STEVE:  Alrighty, then.  My rede is manifold.  I hope that you know what "manifold" means.  Firstly, think about how to help other people to feel better, or to achieve their goals.  That will get your mind off of yourself, and your discomfort.

Be sure that the other person welcomes your help.  Help only those, who allow you to help them.

Next, work on your conversation skills.  Find out if the other person likes to talk about themself.  If they do, then keep askin them questions about what they like, where they've been, and so forth.

Read books about adolescence. Here, below, is a book, that has been well reviewed by folks of your same age:

Here is a video, to help you, to understand what you're goin through. Also, Prem Rawat said, those pangs of desire go away eventually:

One more thin, World News Hearld, diagnose yourself, usin the guidelines of astrologer Erik the Vermilion.  Click this link to find your birth's day SELF HELP ASTROLOGY SIGNS.

WNH:  Anythin else, for adolescents, Steve?

STEVE:  Find inner peace at this link INNER PEACE.  Now you have the right complete problem solution, as well as the real new happier alternative com.

WNH:  Steve, that was awesome.  How can we express our gratitude, to you?

STEVE:  Profusely.

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