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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wind Power Production - Us or Them 

by Ted Heath, staff writer.

Your life can be better, after you take some time, and get used, to bein, where the action is, where folks are gettin together, and gettin stuff done.

Are you a citizen, or a countryzen?  Civilization against countryization.
Are we goin to let them crowd us out, of the wind power production field?

I checked out the latest wind power information, and here is that, which I found:  The zillion-dollar conglomerates have been producin huge multi-million-, and multi-billion-dollar alternative energy projects all around the Earth.

To do it privately, you got to spend $35 to $50 thousand, for the less efficient wind power equipment.  A well managed county, or township, could make a wind farm for a lower cost, for each turbine, and get more efficient turbines.

That is the mode, that I recommend.  Get together, with the Bible-believen folks, in your county, or township, and crowd out the others, learn the wind power info, then get you a wind farm.  Hurrah!

But, even better, than that, I believe that electric power is wron, wron, wron.  There must be a way, that is right.  Oh Lo'ward, show, to us, that way, and give, to us, success, in it, thank you, Lo'ward.

"What you are looking for is inside you"  Prem Rawat

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