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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alternative Nation 

By Ted Heath

Frostburg Maryland is the heartquarters, of the legitimate "outer" right government of the Earth.  Some call it the "Alternative Nation".  Some call it "Us".

Remember, for every phase of God's design, the foe has made a counterfeit. Thus, the highly organized legal system, populated by freemasons, witches, and papal knights, is a counterfeit of the legitimate right government described in the Bible.

The masonic (not right) government has been populated by mercenaries (counterfeit people), while the genuine right government, seated in Frostburg, needs partisans (genuine people).

To participate, at this time, move to Frostburg, and help with any of the followin:

Bible Counselors' "Help Me" program. If you are one of "those with sunken eyes", you may qualify to be a counselor, by becomin expert in a particular chapter, chapters, or book of the Bible.

"Act Now" film company. They need actors, also other volunteers. Writers. Get a little, of their philosophy on the Spurn The Muse blog.

"Insider Art Movement" (IAM), which includes also fashion prints, architecture, and interior design. Become a certified symbolist, in order to be able to design or to choose designs, that hold the most helpful behests to the unknowin mind.

Keep your eye on this blog for detailed news about the right government of the Earth.

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