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Monday, March 30, 2009


The Hidden Side -- Part 1:


"The Analogy" Part 4

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The only other kinds of plants, in the woods, are the plants that do well under the grandfather tree. So grandfather is not only grandfather to the trees that he seeded, but also to the other plants that like to grow in that kind of neighborhood.

Let's say that the grandfather tree is a beech tree. Certain plants would rather grow near to a beech tree than to an oak tree. Those plants help the beech tree, and the beech tree helps them. So the grandfather tree is also the grandfather of all the other plants, that grow in a beech forest.

It is the same way with folks. The nearby "grandfather", or the "neighborhood grandfather" may be good for others nearby, to whom he is not so closely related. It is in their interest to strenthen him.

The Indians, of Beulah Land, those that have told of the grandfather trees, have said, fell a tree, but never fell the grandfather tree.

By and by, after hundreds and hundreds of years, the grandfather tree becomes huge, and, in the end, ends. Now another tree will be the grandfather tree, the biggest tree with the deepest roots.

But there is a difference now, the first grandfather tree was the one who made the seeds, wherefrom came the other trees. The new grandfather tree is technically the brother or uncle to the other trees. But nevertheless, from a standpoint of the unity of the forest, he is now the grandfather tree, his roots are the roots of the forest-as-a-whole.

Every race or tribe has its own Grandfather. Kind of like a queen bee in a hive, or a heart in a soul, or a Sun in a solar system. In a mass society, people forget to be aware of who their own Dalai Lama is. I say forget, not in the sense that they know it intellectually and then forget, but that they know it instinctively, and forget to be instinctive. In other words, they don't know who theirs is, they don't think about it, they don't even know that such a thing exists. But this is going to change. It is changing, or else I would not have been able to conceive of the idea and virtually write about it.

So far as I know it, I am the first one to offer this teaching. There is not just a single Dalai Lama for any mass society, such as America is a mass society, hence there is not a Dalai Lama for, say Americans. You have to subdivide "Americans" in to smaller groups according to how closely related they are, in other words by genotype. But do it instinctively, not scientifically. Or do it both ways, but do not neglect the instinctive information.

Then, you don't want to use the word Dalai Lama, but there is no other term I know for this, unless you want to say "the heart", as though one person is the heart of a group, which is the way it is -- each group has one person as its heart.

It is hard for people to realize this in the age of Aquarius, because the "heart" concept comes from the opposite sign, Leo. But in few hundred years the solstice will contact one of the stars in Leo, and then people will be massively appreciative of the "heart person" in their group.

The Dalai Lama of Tibet is the Tibetans' Dalai Lama. Unless you are a Tibetan, your Dalai Lama is somebody else. Tibetans are all closely related. Just as all honeybees are related, but not as closely related as the bees in a particular hive. Hence a separate queen for each hive, not just one queen for all honeybees. Same way with people, except it is not geographical with humans so much as it is with bees. I have more to say about this, connected to astrology and race, but not in this message.

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